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Cobra Golf is a leading golf equipment manufacturer. It is based in Carlsbad , California, USA. King Cobra iron sets are manufactured in China and Mexico. Their heads are made in China and shafts in Mexico. These components are then shipped to Carlsbad, California where they are assembled into a finished product.

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Q: Are the king cobra golf irons made in the US or China?
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Where can one find information on king cobra driver?

One can find information on king cobra driver from: Cobra Golf, eBay, Golf Bidder, Amazon, Golf Link, Ideal Price, World Golf, Todays Golf, Street Directory.

Where can I find king cobra golf clubs serial number?

the serial number is stamped on the hosel of the driver (hard to find, but its there), the serial number for the irons set can be found on the hosel of the 6 iron.

King cobra are they good golf clubs a good set?

Cobra isn't one of the premium golf brands, but it is a very very good make. Their clubs are popular with high handicap golfers and seniors.

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What can one purchase from the online store king Cobra Golf?

A variety of golfing equipment and apparel can be purchased online at Cobra Golf including high quality golf clubs, golf bags, headcovers, visors, caps, fitted belts, and canopy umbrellas.

What is the loft of a king cobra sz hyper steel 9 wood golf club?

The King Cobra hyersteel 9 wood has a 25 degree loft per manufacturer.

What is the loft of a king Cobra sz hyper steel 4 plus wood golf club?


What is the loft of a king cobra ss hyper steel 5 wood golf club?

18 degrees

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The most extensive line of new Cobra products ever is introduced, featuring the new King Cobra II Irons and Ti Offset woods. The King Cobra II irons feature an integrated Quad system which combines four distinct technological features: A new heel-weighting hosel, dual-purpose sole, reinforced shaft tip shape, and optimal progressive weight distribution system - all to create longer, more accurate shots.

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