Are the jets a good team?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Are the jets a good team?
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What is a good team to be in madden 09?


Are the Jets the best team in the AFC East?

yes they can because the jets is the beast forever and its going to stay better love jets team good job brett. from jordon

Can the Jets win a Super Bowl?

Yes. They are a good team.

Are the jets from New York?

The football team is, but the hockey team Jets are from Winnipeg, Canada.

What football team is named jets?

The new york jets.

Who have a good joke?

Here's one. What is Al`Quaeda's favorite football team? The New york jets

Who is better team the Arizona Cardnals are the New York Jets?

ny jets

Who won jets or patriots 2010?

I think Jets are going to win this time because Jets have a awesome team

Will Winnepeg's hockey team be called the jets?

yes,currently winnepeg's hockey team is the jets. This team established in early 2011 and was previously the atlanta thrashers.

What football team is 747s?

That would be the New York Jets.

What state is the NFL team jets from?

New York. They are called the New York Jets.

Are the New Jersey jets considered a New Jersey team?

no they are the new york jets