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No. The slider is usually slower and an earlier break while the cut fasterball has the speed of a fastball but slightly breaks at the end.

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Q: Are the cut fastball and the slider the same thing?
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What kind of pitch is a slider?

A slider is a pitch in baseball that breaks laterally and down. It is not thrown at the velocity that a fastball is thrown at, but its velocity is faster than a curve ball. The break on a slider is not as big as a curve ball. The slider is similar to a cut fastball, but will break more than a cut fastball.

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Generally speaking, there are four types of pitches.For a Right Handed pitcherThe Slider (moves from right to left)The Screwball (moves from left to right)The Riser (moves in an upward motion)The Drop (moves in a downward motion)For a Left Handed pitcherThe Slider (moves from left to right)The Screwball (moves from right to left)The Riser (moves in an upward motion)The Drop (moves in a downward motion)Skilled pitchers will variate their grips and arm anglers to create pitches such as Drop-Curves, Rising-Sliders, and the like. In order to throw these pitches, experienced pitchers will sand, scuff, or cut the ball to get the correct movement.

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