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They are a New York team officially but both states like them. Their stadium is in New Jersey.

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Yes. They are two completely different football teams.

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Q: Are the New York Giants a New York team or a New Jersey team?
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Does New Jersey The state Have a Football team If so tell you more?

No, New Jersey doesn't have a football team. The NY Giants and Jets play in New Jersey, but they keep the name "New York..." Some people say that the Giants used to be the NJ Giants, but I haven't seen any proof.

Dose New Jersey have a football team?

The state of New Jersey does not have a professional football team. The closest NFL team to this state is the New York Giants or New York Jets.

Which part of New York did the New York Giants come from?

The New York giants baseball team came from Manhattan. The New York Giant football team plays in New Jersey

Who is New York Giants?

A professional football team located in New Jersey.

Which New York football team played in the New Jersey stadium first?

The New York Giants were the first team to play in New Jersey, that was in 1976. The New York Jets started playing there in 1984.

What year were New York Giants founded?

they never were named the new jersey giants

Are New York Giants from New Jersey?

No, the New York Giants have not always played in New Jersey. They started off playing in the Polo Grounds. From there they moved to Yankee Stadium, the Yale Bowl, and Shea Stadium before moving to a stadium in New Jersey.

Where can one buy a baseball jersey for the New York Giants?

You can purchase a baseball jersey for the New York Giants online at the official New York Giants website. You can also find a New York Giants baseball jersey in the clothing section of your local retail store.

What NFL team is from New York?

The only NFL team to play in the state of NY is Buffalo! -The New York Jets and the New York Giants are also NY teams, but they play in New Jersey

Aren't the Buffalo Bills a NY team?

They are technically the ONLY New York team, as the Jets and Giants both play in New Jersey.

Where is the New York Giants home town?

The New York Giants home town is New Jersey.

What team play better New York patriots or New York Giants football team?

New York Giants