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yes they are. at least in the 2010-2011 season

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Q: Are the New Jersey Nets going to change their name to the Brooklyn Nets?
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How much will a New Jersey Nets program be worth once they change to the Brooklyn Nets?


Will the new jersey nets be renamed to new york nets?

No, they were renamed to Brooklyn Nets

How did the Brooklyn Nets get their name?

The Jersey Americans first became the New York Nets when they moved to Long Island in 1968. When the moved to New Jersey in 1977, they became the New Jersey Nets. Finally, in 2012, when they moved to Brooklyn, they took the name Brooklyn Nets.

Are the New Jesrsey Nets going to change their name?

yes. when they move to new york they will be called the Brooklyn Nets

What basketball team does JayZ own?

He owns part of the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets

Are the New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn New York?

Yes, they are building a new stadium in Brooklyn.

How long before the game can New Jersey Nets tickets be purchased?

The New Jersey Nets are now called the Brooklyn Nets. However, tickets for the Brooklyn Nets can be purchased any time before the game, right up until the game starts, provided the tickets have not sold out.

What are the professional sports franchises in Brooklyn, New York now?

The New Jersey Nets are set to become the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Nets in the near future, the first major professional sports team to play in the ... Although there are no franchises solely tied to Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Cyclones are a New York Mets affiliate. There is a proposal to move the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, but only time will tell the outcome of that.

What are New Jerseys major sports teams?

The New Jersey Nets (basketball) - note- the Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012.The New Jersey Devils- Hockey

Do the nets play in ny yet if not then when?

The Nets currently play in East Rutherford, New Jersey. After this season, they will play in Brooklyn.

Did jay-z buy the new jersey nets?

yes he invested in the brooklyn (formerly known as the new jesey) nets.

How long have the New Jersey nets been in New Jersey?

35 years... not anymore though... their moving to Brooklyn!

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