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No, they are an American Hockey League team.

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Q: Are the Houston Aeros a part of NHL?
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What is name of farm team for nhl minnesotta wild?

Houston Aeros

Where can one buy Houston Aeros tickets?

Although you can buy Houston Aeros tickets on the official Aeros website, other places where you can purchase tickets are StubHub, Excite, VIPSeats, and TicketMaster.

What teams did Gordie Howe played for?

Gordie Howe played for: . Detroid Red Wings (NHL) . Houston Aeros (WHA) . New England Whalers (WHA) . Hartford Whalers (NHL)

Is Krys Kolanos back with the Houston Aeros?


What is the name of Minnesota Wilds' farm team?

The Houston Aeros.

Where can one find out about Houston aeros?

The Houston Aeros have their own official website. Other ways to learn more about this hockey team would be reading local newspapers or asking a fan about them.

Why did the Houston Aeros leave town to become the Iowa Wild?

The Houston Aeros left town to become the Iowa Wild because the owners could not reach a deal with the stadium owners.

What league are the Houston Aeros in?

The Western Conference of the American Hockey League.

Where can Houston Aeros tickets be purchased?

"Houston Aeroes tickets can be purchased in Houston, at the box office, or online through ticket sales services such as Ticketmaster, Fandango or Stubhub."

How do you get tickets to see the Houston Aeros?

Tickets for the Huston Aeros hockey team can be purchase at Stub Hub, or at the Colesium. You can also purchase tickets at sales brokers.You also can go to the Toyota Center and buy them there.

Will Houston ever have a NHL team?


When did Toronto Aeros end?

Toronto Aeros ended in 2007.

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