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No, The Houston Oilers relocated and changed their name to the Tennessee Titans. The Houston Texans are an expansion franchise awarded to Houston to replace the Oilers leaving town.

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Q: Are the Houston's Texans and the Houston Oilers the same team?
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What is the nearest stadium to Houston Texans?

The Houston Texans play in Reliant Stadium. The Houston Astrodome is in the same parking lot as Reliant Stadium, and is where the Houston Oilers and Houston Astros used to play.

When was the Houston Texans team started?

The Houston Texans were established in 2001 and played their first season that same year. (Although the season ended in 2012). They were created as an expansion team after the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Titans Sports Media 101

Houston oilers to the Tennessee Titans?

The Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans are the same organization. They began as the Oilers; when they moved to Tennessee in 1997 the Oilers name stayed, then was changed to Titans in 1999.

Why are the Tennessee Titans in Houston oilers uniforms?

Because the two teams are the same organization - the Titans began as the Houston Oilers for the period 1960-96; they moved to Tennessee in 1997 and changed their uniforms and name in 1999.

Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel farther to play the Houston Oilers or the Miami Dolphins?

Miami is in the same state as the Tampa. Texas is much farther away.

Where did the Texans attack and defeat the Mexican army?

The decisive defeat in Texas was at the Battle of San Jacinto led by Sam Houston defeating Mexican General Santa Ana in a surprise attack. This battle occurred after the devastating defeat of the Texans at the Alamo by the same general Santa Ana. Houston himself lost many friends and even a relative of his wife, Mary, at the Alamo. Houston's troops were rallyed by the cry, "Remember the Alamo."

What are the five newest NFL teams?

somebody may want to confirm this but off the top of my head (newest to "oldest") - Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars amd Carolina Panthers I don't remember if the Oilers moved to Tennessee before or after the "old" Browns moved to Baltimore. I'm thinking after or the same year so if that's the case add them somewhere the middle and leave Carolina and Jacksonville since they started the same year.

Were the Dallas Texans and the Dallas cowboys in the same city at the same time?

Yes, for three season. If I remember correctly, the Texans moved to Kansas City in 1963.

In 1960 the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team moved from what state In 1979 the Utah Jazz moved from what state In 1997 the Houston Oilers moved to what new city and changed their name to what?

The Los Angeles Lakers moved from the state of Minnesota in 1960. The Utah Jazz moved from the state of Louisiana in 1979. They were formerly known as the New Orleans Jazz. That same year, the Houston Oilers moved to Nashville, Tennessee and changed their name to the Tennessee Titans.

What is the spanish word for Houston?

Houston is the same as in English

Why did the Texans decide to lay siege to san antonio instead of attacking?

"Lay siege" and "attack" are basically the same thing. The Texans did not lay siege to San Antonio, the Mexicans did. The Texans were the defenders.

Is Joe Johnson and Andre Johnson related?

Joe Johnson is a starter for the Brooklyn Nets and Andre Johnson is a the starting wide receiver for the Houston texans. Despite sharing the same last name, there is no relation between the two.

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