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They are getting better with Aaron Rodgers as their new QB they still need some help here and there. But they are a better team then they used to be.

Their offense is halfway decent, Rogers is indeed a good quarterback, but their defense is HORRIBLE. The most overrated in the NFL, an example of this poor defense would be against the Steelers when they allowed 503 yards passing. Also against the Cardinals in the Wild Card, their defense couldn't stop Kurt Warner's offensive power. Their "Defensive MVP", Woodson even tripped a few times during that game. So yes, they Suck. Rogers has more sacks than anybody because their offensive line is so bad and threw an interception and a caused a fumble that cost him his first playoff game

^ Okay, well that is your opinion about the packers. And by the way, you are talking about last season. The packers defence is not horrible this year, they are one of the best defenses in the league this year. Also, who really cares if Charles Woodson tripped during a game? Many players trip,slide,and fall during games. In your opinion, the packers suck, and that is okay with me because you have a right to state your opinion on which nfl team sucks and which one is amazing. One last thing , Charles Woodson earned the Defensive MVP award, and there were many good candidates for Defensive MVP.

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Q: Are the Green Bay Packers a good team?
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