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Q: Are the Cincinnati Reds the oldest team in baseball?
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What is the oldest baseball team?

Cincinnati Reds

What is oldest baseball team in the major league?

The Cincinnati Reds, is recognized as the first "professional" baseball team.

What is the oldest MLB team?

Cincinnati Reds

What is the oldest professional baseball team in America?

Cincinnati Reds (originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings), who became the first fully professional baseball team in 1869.

Which state has the Baseball team Cincinnati Reds?

The Cincinnati Reds are from Cincinnati, which is located in the state of Ohio. So Ohio has the base ball team Cincinnati Reds.

Home of the Red Stockings baseball's oldest professional team?

Cincinnati, OH is the home of the Cincinnati Reds, formerly known as the Red Stockings.

What is the name of the Cincinnati baseball team?

The professional baseball team is the Reds.

What is Cincinnati's baseball team called?


What is the oldest baseball team around?

the Reds

Are the Cincinnati Reds the best baseball team?


What is a white or red team in baseball?

The Cincinnati Reds

Things Cincinnati is famous for?

Cincinnati was known as 'pork-opolis' in the 1800's because of its production of sausage. Cincinnati houses the oldest baseball team the Cincinnati Reds or the Cincinnati Redlegs as they were originally called.

What was the first team to play baseball?

1869 Cincinnati Reds

Who was the first baseball team to play?

The Cincinnati Reds in 1865

What team does Arodolis Champman play for in baseball?

Cincinnati Reds

What was the full name of the first team to play baseball?

Cincinnati Reds was the first baseball team..

What team won baseball's first official baseball game?

Cincinnati. Reds

When were the Cincinnati Reds founded?

The Cincinnati Reds were established in 1881, and began playing baseball in 1882. The team was originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

What baseball team was called the big red machine?

the Cincinnati Reds

What was William H Taft's Favorite baseball team?

cincinnati reds

What Major League baseball team always opens the season at home?

The Cincinnati Reds because Cincinnati was where the first professional baseball team was established

Why do the Cincinnati Reds always play first opening day game?

i believe it is because they are the first, and oldest continually operating professional baseball team in America

What baseball team has the highest world series winning percentage?

Cincinnati reds

What is the team salary for the Cincinnati Reds?

The Cincinnati Reds's 2014 team salary is $112378772, 11th in the MLB.

What was the first salarised baseball team?

The Cincinnati Reds are generally agreed to be the first professional baseball team were formed in 1868.