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Yes!! The are one of the best teams! They are actually i the top 3 best Basketball teams!

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Q: Are the Celtic's a good basketball team?
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What is team in basketball?

The Celtics

What is the name of boston's basketball team?


Basketball what team is Shaquille O'Neal on?


What basketball team's colors are green and white?

The Boston Celtics

What is a common noun for the Boston Celtics?

The common noun for the Boston Celtics is basketball team (or simply team).

Are the Celtics a real basketball team?

The Boston Celtics are a professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, playing in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

What is Prodigy's favorite basketball team?

Boston celtics

What basketball team is Tony Allen on?

Boston Celtics

What is the name of the Boston professional basketball team?


Who are famous basketball players?

the whole team on the Celtics

What is the name of the Boston basketball team?

Boston Celtics

What basketball team has a leprechaun on its logo?

boston celtics