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yes they are refillable

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Q: Are the CO2 tanks for paintball guns refillable?
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Are paintball CO2 tanks with pin valves refillable?

Yes, in-fact only pin valve tanks are refillable. Ones with a non resealable top can't be refilled.

What do you do with expired co2 tanks for paintball guns that are not empty?

drain the tank, throw it away

What do you do with expired Co2 tanks for paintball guns?

You must have them hydro-tested or throw them away. You will not be able to fill them legally.

Where can you buy brass eagle CO2?

Paintball guns can use Co2 from any company, they are all built the same. You can find valved tanks and 12 gram's at sporting stores, paintball fields and proshops.

Does Dunham refill paintball co2 tanks?

Call them and ask!

Where do you get CO2 tanks brand new?

At a paintball or sporting goods store.

Do paintball 20oz co2 tanks come filled?

No, they must be filled (and not with air). The only exception is the silver 12 gram cartridges for pistols and stock class guns.

Are co2 paintball guns waterproof?

No paintball guns are waterproof, do not submerge them, even partially in water.

Do paintball pistols need to have c02 air tanks?

They need the small sealed CO2 cartridges, not the screw on tanks. but yes they need Co2 to function.

Does a paintball gun use any size co2 tank?

size is all personal preference, you can get something as small as a 9oz or up to a 24oz co2 tank, the larger the tank is the more shots you will get off of it but the heavier and larger it will be

Do all paintball guns run on CO2?

All paintball guns require propellant, but some use HPA or high pressure air, instead. HPA tanks are more expensive and holds less shots, but are significantly more consistent (accurate) and easier and cheaper to refill. You can also tell how much you have left on a HPA tank.

What is the difference between paintball guns and bb guns?

Nearly everything. Paintball guns are fired through the use of air or CO2. Also they shoot only paint. bb Guns shoot pellets, and look completely different then most paintball guns.