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Yes. The current Milwaukee Brewers were an expansion team that began play in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots. They moved to Milwaukee the following season (1970) and became the Brewers.

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Q: Are the Brewers an expansion team?
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The Brewers franchise started as what team in 1969 before moving to Milwaukee in 1970?

The Brewers entered the American League as an expansion team in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots.

What was the name of the professional Wisconsin team before the brewers?

The Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee and became the Milwaukee Braves in 1955 and then moved to Atlanta in 1966. Then the Seattle franchise, an expansion team that originally played in the American League, moved to Milwauee in 1970 and became the Milwaukee Brewers.

What team was formally known as the seattle pilots?

The Seattle Pilots were an expansion team in the American League whose first season was 1969. The following season the team moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers. The team has played in Milwaukee ever since.

What is the team salary for the Milwaukee Brewers?

The Milwaukee Brewers's 2014 team salary is $107512839, 13th in the MLB.

When was Team Expansion created?

Team Expansion was created in 1978.

How many people are on the brewers baseball team?

the Brewers have a 25 man roster.

Where can you get interior paint that matches the Milwaukee Brewers team colors?

Lowes. Bring in your Brewers hat and they will match the paint to the Brewers Colors.

Why did the braves change to the brewers?

The Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta. The Milwaukee Brewers are a completely different Franchise. Similar to the Houston Oiler's moving to Tennessee and becoming the Tennesee Oiler's then Tennessee Titans followed by a different team in Houston now named the Houston Texans. The current Milwaukee Brewers team began in Seattle as the Seattle Pilots, then moved to Milwaukee and a new expansion team, the Mariners were established in Seattle. More recently, the Montreal Expos moved to Washington and became the Washington Nationals. Many MLB teams have moved and changed names, i. e., the Washington Senators moved to Minneapolis and became the Minnesota Twins, the Washington Senators expansion team, moved to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and became the Texas Rangers and in 1954, the St. Louis Browns move to Baltimore and became the Orioles.

What was the Milwaukee Brewers payroll in 1950?

The Milwaukee Brewers were not a baseball team in 1950 - They were formed in 1970

What is the milwukee baseball team?

the brewers

Where did the Seattle pilots come from?

The Seattle Pilots were an expansion team in Major League Baseballs American League. They played in Seattle for one year & then were moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin & became the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

When did the Brewers move to the NL?

The Brewers were part of the American League from their creation as an expansion club in 1969 through the 1997 season, after which they moved to the National League Central Division.

When was Expansion Team - album - created?

Expansion Team - album - was created on 2001-10-23.

What is an NFL expansion team?

Occasionally the NFL will allow a new team to be formed. If the team is a new team (as opposed to one relocating from another city) it is called an expansion team.

What state is the baseball team the Brewers from?


What is the name of the Minneapolis baseball team?


What team is Zach Greinke on?

Milwaukee Brewers

What were the Milwaukee Brewers first team name?

Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee to become the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

Milwaukee Brewers announcer?

its bob ucker how did you not know that he played with the brewers and has been with them 50 years now the brewers also retired 50 years of him being with the team

Are the New Orleans Saints an expansion team?

The New Orleans Saints joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1967.

Which baseball team did Hank Aaron ended his baseball career with what team?

Milwaukee Brewers

What major league team baseball team is called the cheese heads?

The Milwaukee Brewers

Why are the Milwaukee Brewers named the Brewers?

Milwaukee has a history and heritage of breweries (where beer is made), so the name was appropriate for the team.

Will Prince Fielder complete the 2010 season with the Brewers or be traded to a more talented team?

traded, brewers can't afford him

Who is the brewers' MLB team's ace?