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Q: Are the Bella Twins dating The Miz and John Morrison?
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Do John Morrison go with one of the Bella Twins?

no he's not dating one of them just the Miz. John makes fun of them by calling them the Chin Twins

Is john cena really dating one of the Bella twins?

Yes, he is dating Nikki Bella. (aka Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace)

Who is Melina dating?

She is dating John Morrison.

Who is John Morrison dating in 2012?

He is dating Melina

Who is Melena dating?

She is currently dating John Morrison

Who are the Bella twins dating? Brie is dating some guy I think hes in music (see link above for pic) && Nikki is single :) They They are dating John Cena and Daniel Bryan

Does John Morrison like Snooki?

No there just frinds, John Morrison is dating Melina. They are a hot couple!

Is WWE diva Melina getting back with john Morrison?

John Morrison and Melina are now dating again.

Does Melina Perez have a husband?

No but she is dating John Morrison

Who is dating Melina raw diva?

John Morrison

Who is WWE diva Melina is dating?

John Morrison

How are thebala twins of WWE boyfriend?

I guess your questions is - Who are the boy friends of the Bella Twins. The answer is - John Cena and Daniel Bryan are the boy friends of the Bella Twins - Nikki and Brie Bella.