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i heard that the V12 will be outlawed due to the ridiculous amount of pop it has

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No it is not bbcor certified. If it says bbcor on a -3 bat it is legal

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Q: Are the 2008 Easton Stealth bats really being outlawed?
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Does anyone know when the 2009 easton fastpitch stealth softball bat is going to come out?

i sent my 2008 stealth in on April 30. when they put it on backorder i called in to see when new bats were coming in. they told me since the '08s were being outlawed they counld not sent anymore of those out and are sending me the newest version. im guessing these will be what the '09s will be, but im not sure. don't worry though, easton told me that when the '08s are outlawed completely, anyone who has one just needs to send in into the company. i was told that the bat will be released sometime in august the 2008 stealth(purple in white) is going to be outlawed but it is grandfathered in so you can still use it easton said they would be released latejune early July

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