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Q: Are swimming pool drains connected to a storm drain or a sewer line?
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What are drains and sewers?

A drain flowing into a sewer either combination or sanitary or storm depending on what type of drain is being used such as storm drains or waste and this does not include Soil lines

What kind of machine is best for sewer and drain cleaning?

There are several types of machines and tools that can assist in cleaning sewer drains. The cheapest and most effective tool for an individual to use would be a drain snake.

What is wrong when the drain in garage overflows every time the washer runs?

Storm sewer is crossed with the sanitary sewer or the washer drains into the storm sewer. Either way the storm sewer is likely blocked somewhere.

Where do drains end?

House drain ends at the city sewer. City sewer ends at the waste treatment plant. Waste treatment ends at the nearest river.

How many drains do you need for a shower?

One drain outlet is sufficent provided the drain outlet to the sewer line or to the gully outside has the correct gradient fall.

If you flush a vent stack with a garden hose where does the water go?

It is connected to the main sewer and drains like everything else

Sewer Main Repair?

form_title=Sewer Main Repair form_header=11063 How would you best describe the nature of the project?*= () Install new sewer pipe from home to street () Replace existing sewer pipe from home to street () Repair broken sewer pipe from home to street () Other () Don't Know "Explain why the sewer pipe needs to be installed, replaced, or repaired."*= [] Bathtubs and sinks drain slowly [] Toilets drain slowly [] Wastewater backs up into bathtubs and/or other drains [] Dishwasher wastewater backs up into sink drain [] Odors can be detected coming from drains [] Wastewater detectable in yard [] Plumber or other professional has recommended it [] Other What is the distance of the home from the street?*=_[100]

Where is the condensation water drain-off pipe?

It is located at the pan underneath the evaporator coil and then drains to outside the house or a collection system such as a pump or sewer.

What is vent piping?

Vent piping is a pipe that runs outside and is connected to the drain line of your home. this helps the water in the drain to move to your septic/sewer.

How do I know if my sewer line and drains need to be cleaned?

The most obvious sign is a backup, either from a fixture or from a floor drain. Other signs include: Toilets not flushing properly Toilets gurgling Slow drains in multiple areas, such as bathroom tub and sink Foul odors from drains or yard

Why would both toilets in the house be overflowing when flushed?

The drain pipe has a blockage somewhere downstream from where the toilets are connected to the main sewer line from the house. All the drains in a house normally connect to one main line that either goes to the city sewer system or your septic tank. If you know where the sewer line exits the house, you could check there to see if the blockage is in the yard. Most sewer blockages are caused by tree roots, broken fittings, or crushed pipes. Good Luck

Can you rough in two drains to drain a double bowled sink?

The answer is yes but the question is "why". It would require twice the expense as the two drains would require double the work and pipe to eventually tap into the main sewer line. But the answer to the question is yes.

What is the size of sewer drains?

Size of any drain is calculated by fixture units (7.48 gallons) and pitch of pipe with many codes giving a bare min sizes

What is sewer in and CNCTD mean?

Sewer is in and connected

Where can the sewer gas smell come from if it does not come from the drain of the ower- level on-a-slab shower?

One of the biggest culprits I have found for sewer gas smell is the floor drain many floor drains are seldom if ever used and if unused long enough the water in the trap will evaporate allowing sewer gas to enter the dwelling. this also applies to any trap which is not used regularly.

Why gully drain and swer drain is not connected in same pipe?

Because it would be quite expensive to treat all the volume of sewerage and storm water in a system. By having a storm sewer and a sanitary sewer it puts less stress on the treatment plant

Is it legal to have your washing machine drain into your sump pump which is connected to the main sewer pipe?

No! Dumping the washer output into the sump is illegal.

How does rain go in the sewer?

through drains

Where does stuff go when you put it down the garbage disposal?

If the disposal is connected to a sink drain, and the majority of disposals are so connected, the "stuff" is sent down the drainpipe to the sewer, to be later filtered out of the water at the sewage treatment plant. Where the drain does not connect to a sewer, but instead connects to a septic tank (used in most rural areas), the "stuff" ends up in the septic tank.

Drain Clog & Blockage Clearing?

form_title=Drain Clog & Blockage Clearing form_header=8103 Please describe this location.*= () Home/Residence () Business Please choose the problems you are having with your drain?*= [] Will not drain [] Drains slowly [] Garage or basement drain is backed up [] Sewer smells in the house [] Other Is this need emergency in nature?*= () No () Yes

Is 4 inch the standard size for drain pipe to sewer?

Depends on locality as many of the one family homes require I install sewer mains from 4" - 6". The size of the "sewer" is based on fixtures units that are connected and to local codes

What is the purpose of a sewer pipe?

The purpose of a sewer pipe is to collect waste from drains and peoples homes and transport it through the sewer system to the sewer plant. There it is treated and the water is recycled.

Sewer System Repair?

form_title=Sewer System Repair form_header=11053 What issues are you experiencing with your sewer system?*= [] Clogged plumbing fixture drain [] Basement drain backing up [] Garage drain backing up [] Sewer smells permeate the house [] Other

How do you prevent the sewer drain from flooding the basement?

You hire a plumber to put in a one way sewer drain valve.

What causes sewer odors in Kitchen sink drain when bathtub is drained?

Trap seal loss occurs when you have poor venting and as one fixture drains it creates negative pressure created and it pulls the trap seal (water) from another trap and allows sewer gases to enter the structure