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It depends if you are a complete idiot and believe this but I will say in this generation no they do not exist. Unless you are talking about people you see everyday. Mum and Dad any pets you have they are the real super hero's!

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Q: Are super heros real or can you be a super hero?
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Is super heros real?

Super heroes are real because in the news a super hero fight bad guys.

What is super heros?

A super hero is someone who saves or protects someone or something for a living.

Are super heros real?

Super Heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Green Hornet are not considered real Super People. If you think about it, there are many real Super Heroes in your town. Firefighters, Policemen, Doctors and Soldiers are all real Super Heroes. They preform a certain job that is wonderful for our community.

Who is the real super hero in that will always be there for you?

the super heros will be here for us in 10 more years there names are missile and hawx there real names are kyran smalley and jaylan smalley they will be robots and will protect briton forever

How many dc super Hero's are there?

the are 6,80092 about including villain's, x-heros, unscanned heros and bio-s herosunscanned hero's=heros copied off over heros EG: killer moth, Andrew crush and joyriderbio-s heros=banned heros which had been banned for saying offensive things

Does any super hero from the DC comics have a brother?

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) has a brother. there are actually two brothers that are super heros and the work together too hawk and dove (no idea what there real names are)

How do you raise your squad in super hero squad online?

its must raise your each heros level :-)

What makes Batman different to other superheroes?

His hero identity (superman) is his real self where as clark kent is his made up alter ego...most super heros are the other way around

What is HERO in latin?


When were super heroes made?

I think at super heros hideouts. I think at super heros hideouts.

Is it unsung heroes or hero's or heros?

The correct spelling is "Unsung Heroes." Hero's means: belonging to the hero, and heros is just an incorrect spelling.

How do you say In dedication of my hero or for my hero in latin?

The phrase "in dedication of my hero" in the Latin language would be "mea heros in dedicatione." Just "my hero" would be "mea heros."