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No. They are not really paintball gun, but toys.

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Q: Are spring loaded paintball guns good?
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How can you tell if high voltage paintball guns are good?

There is no such thing as high voltage paintball guns.

How fast do spring operate paintball guns shoot?

The only fully spring paintball gun, the splatmatic .50, shoots at 190 fps.

Does target have paintball guns?

no they are way to gay to have paintball guns .

Do you need permit for paintball guns?

There are no permits for paintball guns.

Are paintball guns illegal in SA?

I am guessing you meant USA. No. In fact, paintball guns are not guns. There referred to as paintball markers.

Are rebel paintball guns good?

No, they are fairly low quality.

How many types of paintball guns are there?

there are 7952 paintball guns in the world

Is 300 fps on a paintball gun good?

All paintball guns shoot around 300 fps.

Are replica paintball guns legal in Victoria?

There are no permits required for paintball guns.

Do paintball blow guns hurt?

Not at all compared to actual paintball guns.

Where can I buy paintball guns like in Community S01E023 in Australia?

Online, or at local paintball or sporting good stores.

Does a spring action paintball gun shoot as hard as a paintball gun that holds air?

No they do not. A spring paintball gun shoots at about 120 feet per second and a propellant powered one will shoot at 300 feet per second depending at what the user/owner sets the velocity of the marker at."spring action" markers are markers that run solely on a spring, but all paintball markers Use springs. These spring pump guns are less paintball markers and more toys.

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