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According to, Spalding basketballs are made in China.

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Q: Are spalding basketballs made in china?
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Does spalding make the basketballs in the us?

Their NBA ball is made in China. ?

Which brand of basketballs bounce higher Wilson basketballs or spalding basketballs?

the answer is SPALDING BALLS

Who is the top manufacturer of basketballs in the US?


What brand of basketballs is used in the NBA?


What basketball copany makes the best balls?

spalding. I have two spalding basketballs

Who makes basketballs?

Spalding, Nike, Adidas, Baden

Why is the word Spalding on every basketball?

Spalding is not on EVERY basketball. Just on a lot of them. The reason is because Spalding is the leading manufacturer of basketballs.

Who invented the first basketball uniform?

Spalding made the first official basketball uniforms back in 1901. Spalding also made the first official basketballs at the request of James Naismith.

What sports company makes the basketballs used by the National Basketball Association?

Spalding made basketballs are the official ball of the NBA. I believe that the Wilson company is the official college basketball.

Companys that make basketballs?

Wilson, Nike, and Spalding are the main ones.

What is the circumference of a women's basketball?

The official basketballs used in the WNBA are made by Spalding and are 28.5 inches in circumference. The basketballs used in the NBA are 1-inch larger at 29.5 inches in circumference.

Which brand of basketball bounces the highest?

in my personel experince spalding basketballs bounce the highest they also cost more because they are made to nba standards for a ball i think spalding can't do a better job

Is spalding rookie gear ball lighter than a regular spalding ball?

No, as long as both balls are men's basketballs then they'll weigh the same.

What are basketballs made for?

Basketballs are made for playing basketball.

What basketball company makes the best basketball?

Many would say that Spalding makes the best basketballs.

Where are spalding factories?

Some are in China

What is the company for basketballs?

spalding is a major company who produce the actual basketball. the company for basketball players and games is the NBA

Are basketballs made out of cow skin?

Today's basketballs are made out of rubber, not cow hide.

What companies manufacture portable basketball backboards?

The portable basketball backboard has been around for a while and the one company leading the industry is spalding. Spalding offers basketballs and other athletic gear.

What sporting equipment brands does Spalding market?

Brands include Top-Flite and Ben Hogan golf balls and equipment, Etonic golf shoes, Spalding basketballs, and Dudley softball bats and gloves.

What company made the Spalding basketball?

Either "Spalding" Or "Baden"

What is basketballs made out of?

i think its made out of rubber

When were basketballs 1st made?

In 1899 they were made.

What is a rubber bladder that is used for making basketballs made of?

The runner bladder used for making basketballs is made out of rubber.

How has technology improved basketballs equipment?

It has helped by letting us do research and find out what is best for the basketballs, like what is best for basketballs to be made of.