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Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

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Q: Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?
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Why have your nipples been sore for two to three weeks and this is not a usual side effect of you going to get your period?

If you don't get your next period, take a pregnancy test

Your nipples are sore and period is three days late had unprotected sex?

it's definitely possible, wait a week after you're missed period, then take a pregnancy test

What causes sore nipples you are not pregnant and you cycle is not coming on nipples are always sore?

Your question doesn't really make complete sense, but if you are asking what causes sore nipples, other than pregnancy, then I have one answer. Sometimes, a week or two before my menstrual cycle, my nipples are very sore to the touch. If your cycle is not coming, it could be the result from stress. I remember being stressed so bad, my period was delayed a week and three days. So it's perfectly normal for your nipples to be sore, especially if it's close to your monthly.

Can pregnancy be detected before a missed period?

Depends on timing. If your period finished a day ago, you have a whole month to find out, but if it's been three weeks since you had your period, you'll notice the absence before the symptoms. 

How long after fertilization do experience pregnancy symptom?

Three days Before my missed period I was experiencing nausea, tired, and had sore breasts!

Can you have a girl three days before your period?

Yes. You can have a girl... Three days before your period... AKA: What?!

At 8 days past ovulation what pregnancy symptoms would you have?

Hi mom here, Yes this can be a symptom of pregnancy. I have had 4 pregnancies and three of those i had symptoms of pregnancy about a week before period started. It is possible to start having symptoms from when the fertilised egg implants in the womb. This usually happens betweek 8-14 days past ovulation. You may just feel pregnant, tingley or sore nipples, tiredness, and mild cramps as if your period was about to start. Hope this helps and best of luck

How reliable is a First Response pregnancy test?

The First Response pregnancy test claims to be extremely reliable. They claim pregnancy can be detected up to three days before a missed period. Check out reviews written by users on Amazon.

What does it mean when a woman missed cycle but spotted and have cramp in stomach also nipples leak when squeezed?

She should take a pregnancy test. All three of those are symptoms of pregnancy.

How early before your period can you take a test for pregnancy?

Some pregnancy tests claim they can detect pregnancy one, three, or even five days before a missed period (which you wouldn't know you missed yet...) Pregnancy occurs during ovulation. Now ovulation generally occurs 2 weeks after day 1 of the period. Pregnancy test can be taken at any time regardless of the timing of the cycle. It is important to remember that pregnancy tests may be falsely negative early on during pregnancy as the levels of beta hCG are too low to be detected.

How could a home pregnancy test show positive if three days later you started your period?

Maybe your home pregnancy test is not accurate. It is thought that about 40% of pregnancies are 'lost' with the first period. Until the last few years there was no way of knowing you were pregnant before missing a period so this did not happen.

How soon can you get a positive result on a pregnancy test if you get pregnant the day before your period starts?

You cannot get pregnant on the day before your period starts. Your period is actually the unfertilized ovule and the uterus lining falling out of your body, which means you are not pregnant. Ovulation (fertile time) usually happens 14 days before your period, and lasts two or three days. You can get a positive result on a pregnancy test a week after fecundation, but the more time passes the more accurate the result will be.

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Your nipples are sore and period is three days late had unprotected sex?

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