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no way

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2011-02-14 14:55:02
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Q: Are skateboards easier than skates
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Do bmx bikes use the same bearings as skateboards?

No. Skateboards and inline skates all have cartridge bearings, while a lot of bikes have cup & cone bearings. For those bikes that do have cartridge bearings, their axles are thicker than skateboards/skates.

Is united skates skateboards fake?

no united skates isn't fake because if they was there skateboards would be cheap my skateboard was £40 not the best make but there trucks are soo awesome

Does Ali Boulala still skate?

Yes, He skates for flip skateboards.

Why did they make skateboards?

skateboards were invented in the 1950s by surfers who put skates on their surf boards when the waves were bad and they called it street surfing

What is the most googled product?

adventure skates electric skateboards most searched

Is mongoose a company or a type of bike?

It is a company. There are skates, skateboards, and more. Not a bike type.

Does Selena Gomez skate?

she skateboards all the time and probably ice skates too

What skateboards decks snap easier?

Blank boards tend to break faster than if you were to get a pro deck.

Are element skateboards better then blind skateboards?

element skateboards are better than blind skateboards.

Is it illegal to longboard on a public road?

No, public roads are limited to authorized vehicles only, which do not include skates or skateboards.

Which skateboard is better rip stik or regular skateboards?

regular skateboards are better because they are easier to use and you can do more tricks on them

Are almost skateboards better than zero skateboards?


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