Are skateboards easier than skates

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, as u already have good balance on a board... But you should learn how to ocean swim aswell as that is a grat bonus

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no way

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Q: Are skateboards easier than skates
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Do bmx bikes use the same bearings as skateboards?

No. Skateboards and inline skates all have cartridge bearings, while a lot of bikes have cup & cone bearings. For those bikes that do have cartridge bearings, their axles are thicker than skateboards/skates.

Is united skates skateboards fake?

no united skates isn't fake because if they was there skateboards would be cheap my skateboard was £40 not the best make but there trucks are soo awesome

What is the most googled product?

adventure skates electric skateboards most searched

Is mongoose a company or a type of bike?

It is a company. There are skates, skateboards, and more. Not a bike type.

What skateboards decks snap easier?

Blank boards tend to break faster than if you were to get a pro deck.

Is it illegal to longboard on a public road?

No, public roads are limited to authorized vehicles only, which do not include skates or skateboards.

Are almost skateboards better than zero skateboards?


Which is better skating or bmxing?

There's really no point in talking about "better" in a case like this. Skates are possibly a bit more practical. Skates are easier to travel with than a BMX. Stick them in a bag and you're done. Skates takes less space to store. Since they're easier to store, they're less likely to get stolen. Since there are fewer parts, skates are less likely to break. A BMX - with brakes - is a bit easier to use in traffic. Although compared to most other bikes, BMXes sucks for distance riding.

How are element skateboards better than enjoi skateboards?

Their not. Their about the same. Element and Enjoi are my top favs.

How many skateboards are sold in china?

More than 50,000 skateboards have been sold in China.

Can you skate faster on hockey skates or speed skates?

Speed skates are designed to fast. The skates are designed with alot of aerdynamics , but must be comfortable to. The answer is speed skates because they have longer blades making turning sharp harder but holding a fast speed easier and in more control.

What sort of things beside skates can one buy at CCS?

The company CCS does not actually sell skates, as in roller skates. It does however sell skateboards. It also sells a wide range of shoes, clothing and accessories for both men and women. It also sells snowboards and a range of products related to snowboarding such as goggles and snow boots.