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no its all about the jump peeps

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Q: Are short people better at high jump than tall people?
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How do you get better at high jump?

o get better at high jump try to do some short sprints and try jumping high from a standstill posstion

How do you do better in high jump?

Jump higher :D

How high can a lab jump?

A "lab" which is short for "laboratory" has no legs, is not alive, and therefore can not jump at all.

How high can Dwyane Wade jump?

he can dunk at his short height so pretty high!!!

How high can people jump?

has high as 4 ft.

Can a ferret jump?

Yes they can, but not particularly far or high. But on average, they should be able to jump a short distance.

Can Ferret jump?

Yes they can, but not particularly far or high. But on average, they should be able to jump a short distance.

How can you improve your high jump?

To improve your high jump you need to do things like jumping up in the air from a standstill and also practise short sprints another good thing for high jump is to actually do long jump as well.

What happens when people jump and land on your head?

Depends how high you jump.

Who jumps higher tall people or short people?

Tall people generally have the ability to jump higher. They are already taller, and have the ability to get bigger with their high vertical leap.

Can a short girl dunk basketball?

If the girl can jump really high or the basket is short there's a chance.

How do high jump people jump?

They have long legs & they have very strong muscles which provide them to jump more high than an original person

Do short people jump higher than tall people?

it all has to do with muscles

What do the people on the track and field jump over called?

Well there are two options. They either jump over a hurdle, which is a short bar that the runners race over, or they jump over a bar for the high jump or pole vault, which has two stands and a flexible bar.

How high can a rottweiler jump?

How high can a rockwieler jump

How high can the masai people jump?

Up to 2 centimeters

What is the highest a human can jump?

a average human can jump about half their height but some people can jump higher than others age can also change how high you can jump a baby wont be able to jump as high as a fully grown man.

Can a rott weiler jump high?

no it can not jump high

High school high jump?

what is the high at on a high school high jump? boys Girls

What is better clubpenguin or jumpstart?

To me I think Jump start is better because unlike club penguin, you get to jump in jump start as high as you can, there is a fun game math blaster in jump start, and when you membership, you get to make a mutt in math blaster and when you buy a vehicle, you get to choose your vehicle, but the vehicle I like most is the dragon because you get to fly as high as you can!!

Can high school people jump 13 meters high?

No. You may be thinking of the pole vault.

How high do 14 year olds jump high jump?

They jump on average about 1m50cm

How does an astronaut jump high in the moon?

because in NASA they only allow people who can jump over 8ft to the moon

Can a rabbit jump high?

yup rabbits jump high!

How high can Steve hooker jump?

He can jump really high