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Q: Are runs scored due to passed balls considered earned?
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If a player is hit by the pitch and later scores is the run earned or unearned?

Depends on what happened in the inning prior to and after the batter is hit. Assuming that no errors or passed balls occur, the run will be scored an earned run. If the inning is extended by an error, or the runner scores because of an error or passed ball, the run would be unearned.

Is a passed ball considered a steal in baseball?

No. Passed balls and wild pitches are not considered stolen bases.

Does base on balls count as a earned run?

Under most circumstances, this would be an earned run, provided he eventually scores. However, there are a few cases where it would not be an earned run. One example would be if the inning is extended by an error, no runs scored after that error are earned.

Are base on balls or hit batsman scored earned if they are then batted in?

i believe that if you are walked or hit by a pitch and it scores a run you are accounted with an RBI, and the pitcher gets an earned run

Why don't passed balls count as errors?

If the play is scored as a passed ball it is an error. It should only be scored a passed ball/wild pitch if a runner advances, or on the third strike the batter reaches first base safely. The scoring is sometimes a judgment call. Some statisticians are more strict on calling it a passed ball or wild pitch.

Which batsmen scored 36 runs in 6 balls?

Yuraj sing scored 36 runs in 6 balls

Although a passed ball is considered an error is it also counted as a team error and added in with the team total?

No - a passed ball is credited to the catcher's statistics and to the team's passed balls statistics.Not only is a passed ball not a team error, it is not considered an error at all. Passed balls and wild pitches are given their own statistical categories with no error charged on either type of play.

How many balls sanjay bangar played without scoring any runs?

In tests He played 762 balls and scored 470 Runs, While In ODIs scored 180 runs off 442 balls

Who scored fastest odi 50 for India in how many balls?

it was Jaysuriya I think in 27 balls

Who scored lowest score in test cricket with highest number of balls?

Inzmam ul Haq is the batsman who scored lowest score in test with highest number of balls. 1 run in 35 balls against India.

In how many balls agarkar scored fastest fifty?

from 21 balls 7 boundaries and 2 sixes

Abbreviation for a batter that receives four balls?

When a batter gets 4 balls and is walked it is scored "BB" for base on balls