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Yes. When teachers are paid 35,000 a year and an athlete gets several million for running around with a ball they get paid too much. Education is more important than sports.

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Q: Are pro athletes paid too much?
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Are pro athletes paid too much money?

no because the people that pay them make more

Are athletes paid too much?

No athletes do not get paid too much because they have worked for what they have earned and athletes deserve a lot of money.

Do actors and pro athletes get paid too much?

This is an opinion question. You have to decide for yourself and make an argument using available data.

Does professional athletes get paid too much?

yes they do

Are Actors and Professional Athletes paid too much?


That athletes get paid too much?

ill have to say that Athletes just enough i even think if they get hurt they should get paid more.

Why do athletes get paid too much?

Because they work & work & work at it

Do ahlets get paid to much?

Yes, some people do believe that athletes get paid too much. In fact, there are some athletes that earn well over $100 million a year. While they should be paid for entertaining the masses and putting their health on the line, some athletes are simply not worth this amount of money.

How much do Pro Baseball players get paid?

Since pro baseball players were paid much less back in the 1900's... many people think that they are paid too much. The average pro baseball salary is 12 million dollars, acording to U.S. baseball. So the answer is YES.

How much do pro skateboarders get paid?

they must not pay too much. i mean, it isn't the most moneymaking job.

Are pro sports players paid too much?

no because they do the work so they gert paid alot for a good type of reason

Is it too late become a pro athlete at the age of 18 Are there any pro athletes who started late?

No. This is the time most pro soccer players start.

Are elite athletes paid too much?

No because they earn the money by representing Australia earning us ally's from all around the world

Healthcare professionals are paid too much.?

Healthcare professionals are paid too much.

Do people that play sport proffesionally earn to much money?

Supply and demand. As long as people are willing to pay great athletes top dollar, then great athletes are going to want as much money as they can get. It's like asking are actors paid too much money? Are CEOs paid too much money? As long as people are willing to pay as much money as people want, people in all professions are going to ask for as much money as they can get.

How do you use paid in a sentence?

How much do you get paid? I paid too much for my shoes.

Are professional athletes paid too much?

Yes they get paid too much not only do they get paid for the sports they play they also get paid for their endorsements which only doubles their pay. Porfessional athletes don't even contribute to the forward progress of society. They do not save peoples lives, or help people. All they are are people with a natural talent showing off. Some athletes do volunteer their personal time and donate to charitable causes. They also help to set good examples to our youth to play sports rather than do drugs. This is why its very dissapointing when an athlete who is looked up to screws up some how with drugs, drunk driving, steroids etc.

How much do professional athletes get paid?

yes professional athletes get paid too much Alex rodreguis gets paid 25,000,000 thosand dollars If you are asking for an exact monetary amount for endorsments it can range depending on the company and product being endorsed. For an athlete to appear on a cover of a magazine it can range from the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Which is calculated into their salary. Each professional athlete gets paid a different salary depending on the sport or their popularity or skill.

Just bought 2000 cadallic seville. want to find out if i paid too much.?

If you have to ask, you paid too much.

Do athletes care too much about winning in sports?

I would say that as athletes in general we don't care too much about winning but certain professional athletes cross the line and end up suffering from caring too much. Like the one professional boxer who wouldn't go down. He died the next day. :( Hope it helped!

How much do English footballers get paid?

Too much

How much does a ceo get paid a year?

Too much

How much does Brooke Hogan get paid?

Too much

How much do skin actors get paid?

Too much.

How much does bafana bafana get paid?

too much