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Q: Are pro-simmons golf clubs a good quality club?
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Are prosimmons golf clubs good quality?

They are ok quality, but they would be no where near the best clubs on the market.

Who manufactures pro-simmons golf clubs?


Are Palm Springs golf clubs a good quality club?

indeed it is my friend! (:

Are founders golf clubs good quality?

Founders Club golf clubs are not the best quality but they are just fine if you are just beginning or short of cash or not good enough at the moment to really notice the difference in club quality. Even the cheapest golf clubs now are so much better than any club 30 years ago. Put it this way..a scratch golfer with Founders Club gear would thrash me even if i was using the most expensive equipment :)

Why are golf clubs called clubs?

Because A Club Is Usually A Long Stick, And Its Used To Play Golf, So Its Called A Golf Club.

Are the razor golf clubs from Real Canadian Superstore a decent quality club I cannot find out any information on them?


What not a type of club used in the game of golf?

Night club, ace of clubs, 2 of clubs, 3 of clubs etc etc. You would be better asking which clubs are used in a game of golf.

Are Knight verdict golf clubs good quality clubs?

no sir

What company offers the best quality golf clubs?

There are several good golf club companies out there. Taylor has been a big name in the industry for many years as has Ping.

Is a golf club and golf stick the same thing?

Hello, yes a Golf Stick is Exactly the same as a Golf Club. You might take a look at this discount golf site with many cheap golf clubs.

How many clubs in a golf bag is a putter considered a golf club?

There can be 14 clubs in a golf bag during tournament play. The putter is considered one of the clubs.

What does a golf clubs set include?

A golf clubs set typically includes a total of twelve clubs including three woods and a putter. A golf clubs set also includes a golf club bag to carry all of the clubs.