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The laddie is not gender specific. Ladies Golf balls are usually labelled as ladies golf balls, where as you would never see golf balls labelled mens' golf balls.

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Q: Are precept laddie golf balls a man's or woman's ball?
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Does a taylormade golf ball go farther than a precept golf ball?

A precept is harder than a TaylorMade. But is also depends on if you have TaylorMade Black or Red. Overall, TaylorMade balls will go farther and spin more.

What do the numbers mean on a Precept golf ball?

The numbers on a precept golf ball are for identification purposes only. They are usually quite high numbers which will not get confused with other golf balls. Taylormade are now doing a similar thing with their TP range where you choose your favourite number and you can have that on your ball.

What brand of golf ball is better in cold weather?

Golf Ball Brands are specific for you game and budget, but what you want in cold weather is a SOFT ball, something with low compression to reduce the jarring impact. Anything cheap labeled 'distance' like Top Flite Distance balls are not very good in the cold as they have higher compression (harder) for maximum carry and roll in summer but can feel like hitting a rock in the cold.The original Precept Laddie and the Maxfli Noodle were among the groundbreaking balls in this new genre of balls, now all the major manufacturers have a 'soft' ball like this.You might try the Nike Distance Soft, Srixon Soft Feel, Top Flite Super Soft, or Taylor Made Noodle (no more Maxfi).

What are the main golf ball brands?

There are many golf ball brands, but some of the best include: Dunlop, Nike Golf, Callaway, Taylormade, Precept, Volvik, Top Flite, and Wilson Golf. The are just a few of the top brands with quality golf balls.

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Rub my metal balls or rubber balls.

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In 8-ball pool, there are 14 object balls, the 8-ball and the cue ball, totalling 16 balls.In 9-ball pool, there are 9 object balls and the cue ball, totalling 10 balls.In Snooker, there are 21 object balls, and the cue ball, totalling 22 balls.

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What is the difference between women's and men's golf balls?

There isn't any difference in the balls. It is the distance of the tee from the hole which balances things out. Generally men's golf balls have a compression of 90 or 100. Lady, senior and junior golf balls are usually 80 compression. The compression of a golf ball is directly related to your swing speed. If you have a high swing speed, you want a high compression ball.....if you have a slow swing speed, you need a low compression ball. Weather is also a factor in the compression you should use. If it's cold you may want a 90 compression ball so it will travel further. That doesn't mean hit an 80 compression ball so you can gain distance the ball won't last 2 holes if you have too high of a swing speed. Woman's golf balls are more softer and soft balls carry more backspin to shots. Men's golf balls are harder and so for their long game shots, their ball goes further. Womans golf balls are usually better for short game but not for distance. I use hard balls. I like the way they feel when I put and when I make contact with the ball. Womans golf balls feel a bit hollow to me when I put so I prefer the hard ones.

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