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No, they are different games, though you can use the same table.

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2013-05-26 04:11:10
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Q: Are pool and billiards the same?
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What are the differences between pool and billiards?

The terms pool and billiards may or may not refer to the same game. Pocket billiards is usually referred to as pool, and covers many different games, the most common being straight pool, 8 ball, and 9 ball. English Billiards is never referred to as pool, and uses only 3 balls. Snooker is never referred to as pool or billiards, but is a form of billiards, and uses special table markings and 22 balls.

Is pool and billiards the same thing?

Yes, But They Both Have Different Types Of Games

Did the Apache play billiards?

The Apache did not play billiards or pool prior to 1900. Since that time, it is unknown how many Apache have played pool or billiards.

What is the name of the white ball in pool?

It's the same name, whether it's pool, snooker or billiards.... The Cue-ball

What is a good book to use to learn the rules and techniques of billiards?

There are many very good books on how to learn billiards. Two of these are The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pool and Billiards and The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards.

What is another word for pool?


Where can one find rules to the game of billiards?

One can find rules to the game of billiards from the following sources: Wikipedia, Generation Pool, English Pool Association, Rileys, Game Colony, Billiards Congress of America Pool.

What is another name for billiards?

There are generally two terms used for billiards - English billiards or pocket billiards. Pocket billiards is also called pool. Billiards is a popular bar game that has a number of different names that it has been called over the years but the most notable and popular is simply that of pool.

How old is pool or billiards?

The games of pool and billiards developed from 800 to 600 years ago to become the game we know today.

How did the game of pool get its name?

the used to pool there money when playing billiards

CUE is associated with billiards and?

Snooker and pool.

What do you call a place where people play billiards?

People play billiards at billiards parlors, pool halls, bars, taverns, and pubs.

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