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Q: Are parabolic skis the same as shaped skis?
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How do you determine snow ski length?

a good general rule is to get skis that are about the same height as you are. The shorter they are, the more control you will have; the longer, the faster they are. If you are a beginner, go with some skis that are shorter than you. Note: this is assuming you are skiing shaped or parabolic skis (any new skis will be this type)

Is a parabola the same as a parabolic curve?

No. If you tilt a parabola, you will still have a parabolic curve but it will no longer be a parabola.

Difference between men's and women's alpine skis?

Women's skis have the waist and binding farther forward compared to men's skis to compensate for women's lower centers of gravity and added weight in the rear. Because of lower weights and lower centers of gravity, women's skis also tend to be more flexible for proper turning. Women's skis are also more dramatically curvy than men's skis to make the ski turn better. On straight skis, man or woman, the rule is, "as tall as you or slightly shorter if you're a beginner, a foot taller if you're advanced or just really good." Longer skis can be dangerous, so you need to know what you're doing. On modern shaped or parabolic skis, beginner skis are around chin-height while advanced skiers may have skis up to their forehead or as tall as the skier. Shorter skis are good for beginners as they give more control and better turning. Longer skis get more speed.

What does 'parabolic' mean in mathematics?

Parabolic means that which is expressed by a parable. This word can also be used to describe something that resembles or is part of a parabola or paraboloid. Parabolic has the same meaning as parabolical.

How do you build a parabolic mirror?

A parabolic mirror is shaped such that parallel incident light is reflected to a point called the focus. You will have to establish the size required, and the shape. There is an entry in Wikipedia on Parabola, giving the algebra.

Why antena is in parabolic form?

A: For the same reason a heater is parabolic to reflect heat, For the antenna the opposite is true to focus the incoming waves

How are skis originally made?

One length of wood, thinned out and shaped. Forward end bent upwards.

Do world cup skiers use the same skis as you buy?

Not unless you are a ski racer yourself, and were lucky enough to get top of the line equipment. World Cup skiers get the best race skis that their factory makes. They have many different pairs of the same type (downhill skis, for example) that they will test to see which are the fastest. Race skis are highly specialized and differ greatly from demo skis or skis that the public usually buys. You can see this reflected in the price. Race skis typically run $800-$1000 for the skis, not including bindings.

Why fringes formed due to wedge shaped thin films are straight and not parabolic?

because the thickness of air film is parallel to the edge

What does go parabolic mean?

What is parabolic mean

Can you replace steel skis on a snowmobile with plastic skis?

Yes, you can just make sure they have the same width and specifications as your old ones.

Is there a difference between a parabolic reflector and a parabolic dish?

no there is not

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