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Q: Are pandas flat footed toe runners or nail runners?
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Do bunnies run flat footed toe runner or a nail runner?

I need to know this

Do tigers run flat footed or toe runner or nail runner?

toe runner

What does 'the nail that sticks out must be pounded flat' mean?

It Might Mean Their Is An Odd Nail & It Needs To Be Flat In To Be The Same?(:

Why does a tire become flat when the nail is pulled out?

It becomes flat because the nail is holding it in like if you push your water out and there no cap so its the cap but if the nail went thru or u like slashed the tire the air escapes making it go flat

What is a nail with a large flat head?


How does a screwdriver help you?

by tightening bolts and screws down there is a Phillips head and a flat head for a - looking nail a flat head for a + looking nail a Phillips head.

What would you use a flat nail for?

Port Shepstone

What is a nail with a large flat head called?


What is short nail or a pin with flat head?

A short nail with a flat head is called a "brad", usually used in carpentry finishing. A pin with a flat head is called a "headpin" or "head pin", used as a jewelry finding for beads or as stitch markers for FiberArts.

What is a threaded nail?

A 'threaded' nail is simply a nail with a spiral patterned edge on the protrusion An 'unthreaded' nail is a metal object with a flat head and just a protrusion with no particular 'spiraling' pattern A threaded nail can be 'unscrewed' out and an unthreaded can only be pulled out

Why is a nail pointed at the end?

The point is a "wedge" that separates the wood fibers as the nail enters, making it easier to drive into the wood without tearing the wood as a flat tipped nail would.

Can you fix a flat tire that has a nail in it?

yes but you have to have a kit or at least a tire patch