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Paintball is not illegal in Japan. You can play at the related link.

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Q: Are paintball guns legal in Japan?
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Are paintball Guns legal for children under 16?

No, 11 is the minimum age to play, and paintball guns are not lethal.

Is it legal to own a paintball gun in Staten Island?

There is no liscencing for paintball guns in the US.

Are paintball guns legal in schools?

no they are ilegal in schools they are counted as weapons

Are paintball guns legal in clark county Nevada?

yes I've been to an paintball field in clark county

What is the legal age for paintball guns in New York state?

18 in the US.

Do paintball blow guns hurt?

Not at all compared to actual paintball guns.

Can you keep a paint ball gun at home?

Yes. Actual firearms are legal, so are paintball guns.

Does Kmart sell paintball guns?

Yes most kmarts do sell paintball guns

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yes, paintball guns do have recoil, but no where near a real gun.

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No it is not, we have many paintball fields in the area.

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