Are nylon basketball pants comfortable

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Are nylon basketball pants comfortable
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What are military pants made of?

Military pants can be made of rayon, nylon, or fire retardant materials. This is to make them durable through hard use, long lasting, comfortable and easy to clean.

Where are nylon fibers used?

stretchy pants

Can you explain to me what the difference is between spandex pants and stretch pants?

Spandex is the same as stretch pants, unless the material is nylon or silk.

What is a sentence for nylon?

In World War Two, nylon was important for making parachutes.She ripped her nylon tights again.

Are panel pants comfortable?

Panel pants can be comfortable but are not the best for everyone . If you have a smaller stomach this may not be best as they wont sit on the stomach right and wont be very comfortable.

Why do girls where sweat pants?

Because they are comfortable.

How do you dress for soccer?

Kleets, shin gaurds, long socks, nylon athletic pants, and a jersey

Is it good to wear shorts to PE?

Yes . But it is the best to wear a short pants made from nylon.

What did girls wear during world war 2?

They wore dresses and pants when in sports. This was the beginning of women wearing pants. During the war, they couldn't wear nylon stockings so they drew lines up the back of their legs to represent the seam of nylon stockings

What material are basketball nets made from?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The nets for basketball are typically made of heavyweight nylon or high density polymer fabric.

Is pooping your pants illegal?

No, pooping your pants is NOT illegal. It may not be the most comfortable choice but is most definitely not illegal.

How do you wash track pants?

Track pants, which are generally made with nylon, are best washed on a cold water cycle, separate from the rest of your non-nylon clothing. Normal detergents should work, but be sure to use non-chlorine bleach if bleach is necessary. To dry your track pants, either air dry them, or place them on the lowest level in the dryer.