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Any position on a College Basketball team can wear numbers(0-5,10-15,20-25,30-35,40-45,and 50-55).

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Q: Are numbers on college basketball jersey according to position on team?
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Can college basketball players have the numbers 6 through 9?


What are the most popular jersey numbers worn in college basketball?

21, 1 and 23

Which Duke Basketball player wore number 6?

No Duke basketball player ever wore the number 6 in college. The NCAA only allows numbers 0-5 to be used for jersey numbers.

Why can't a player wear number 8 in College Basketball?

Collegiate rules only allow numbers up to 5, or example 55.

What is the position to term rule of these numbers?

The rule in this case is that there are no numbers in any position.

Who is called a two in basketball?

A two is most often referring to a player at the shooting guard position. The numbers for each position break down as follows:1 - Point Guard2 - Shooting Guard3 - Small Forward4 - Power Forward5 - Center

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How can you find the jersey numbers of college players?

I looked on and unlike many other schools, they do not provide this information. Try sending an email from that site or contact the university athletics director. On you can find college basketball players' numbers on their player profile page next to their picture(if one is provided).

What numbers did Michael Jordan where in basketball?


In basketball which numbers can be worn on a playing kit?

You can wear numbers 00 to 99.

How can you get the cell phone numbers of some basketball players?

A really good place to find peoples phone numbers is It has the phone numbers and addresses of a lot of people. I am not sure whether they have the phone numbers of basketball players, but I think that they do.

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