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Yes, it is very normal.

Different women have different body shapes.

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Q: Are nipples supposed to be flat?
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Why dont you have any nipples?

depends, do you mean they are REALY flat or you actually have no nipple??

Where can you get Supple Cups?

You can buy from Supple Cups directly.Quoted from website:"Supple Cups are an amazing innovative new product to aid expecting Mom's with flat or inverted nipples. Supple Cups can correct flat or inverted nipples with great success.Flat or inverted nipples can and usually do cause problem with early breastfeeding. Supple cups can eliminate any foreseeable problems by pulling out and elongating flat or inverted nipples, creating longer and larger nipples in the process."

If a 14 year old have flat nipples will she always have it?

At 14, you are just starting puberty, and your body is changing. It is possible your nipples will extend naturally, though some women have flat nipples. After child birth the nipples usually extend sufficient to nurse a baby. Either way, don't worry about it. I think men you date will like your breasts however they are.

Why do i have a flat chest and large nipples?

Everybody is different - nowhere more so than with breasts. Probably it is very nice on you. Don't worry - that's fine. Flat chest and large nipples are very sexy, you should feel special.

Do the middles of your nipples turn pink to dark pink when you're pregnant?

There supposed to be brown, I think.

Are all 59Fifty hats supposed to be flat billed?

Yes, all 59fifty hats are supposed to have flat brims. That is because 59fifty hats are "fitted" hats.

Are nipples supposed to be hard all the time or just when you're cold or wet?

Everyone is different. When you are young your nipples may be hard a lot of the time. As you get older your nipples tend to become hard only when you are cold, wet or sexually aroused.

Your nipples are really sore and im cramping im not supposed to start your period for 2 weeks and ive never had your nipples sore before Could you be pregnant?

It does not mean you are pregnent your fine

How hot is the surface Venus?

the surface is so HOT it will leave your nipples flat

Is your Pomeranians tail supposed to be bent at the end?

No, it's supposed to lay flat and straight over its back.

Are nipples surpost to hurt during male pubity?

They aren't supposed to hurt, just feel a little sore.

Can sucking cause bleeding nipple?

Probably not--but keep in mind you're not supposed to "hoover" it--nipples are a tender area.