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yeah it is i mean imagine a famous persons blood on Muhammed Ali's glove

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Q: Are muhammed ali autographed boxing gloves worth more with blood on them?
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Name something you might see at a boxing match that you wouldn't see at a chess match?

blood, boxing gloves, punching, noisy crowd, boxing shorts, black eyes and boxing ring

What is muhammed Ali's blood type?


Do you lose blood during boxing?

If you are cut, certainly

What is Camp Half Blood's phone number?


Who drunk prophet muhammed's blood?

No one. This never happened. I have never heard such a thing.

Why are gloves important in EMS calls?

In EMS calls gloves are important because gloves help prevent the spread of infection most commonly diseases transferable by blood

Will there be blood on your hands if you shoot your self in the head?

Yes. Wear gloves

What is the value of a General Douglas MacArthur autographed photo?

the blood of 3 million koreans.

Why do you cover your hands with gloves when a cut is present?

Using gloves is part of standard precautions. If you may be exposed to an infectious disease, which you can get from blood, you wear gloves. If you were not wearing gloves and you touched a cut and touched a cut you may have, your eyes, or mouth you may get an infectious disease.

In which countries are blood sport illegal?

UNITED STATES wwe-boxing-American football-

What is nursing responsibilities during taking blood specimen at emergency department?

used gloves

Who believed that only blood relatives of the prophet Muhammed have a right to lead Islam?

The Shiites Muslims. Refer to question below.

In what 1980 boxing movie was Hershey chocolate sauce used to represent blood?

Raging Bull

Where are OJ Simpson's bloody gloves?

In the court room and the ones presented. They shrunk with blood and sweat

What is the use of sterile gloves in a first aid kit?

Gloves can be essential when dealing with patients. When dealing with any bodily fluids from the patient (blood, urine, vomit), it is very important to wear gloves when treatment is taking place. The reason is to stop any infections (both from patient to First Aider and vice versa), especially when dealing with blood as it may cause Hepatitis. The same reason during childbirth for example, lots of blood and fluids become present and gloves must be worn. Important: Gloves do NOT fully protect contamination, always dispose of gloves safely and wash hands thoroughly.

What is the purpose of latex gloves in first aid kit?

Gloves are used to protect the rescuer againsed blood born diseases like HIV and hepatitis. They also protect the patient from the rescuer.

Why is it important to wrap your hands in boxing or any fight?

you can break your fingers or knuckles then you will have blood rushing or slowing

Mary anticipates coming into contact with blood and body fluids of a patient To protect herself and others from potential infectious diseases she must wear what?

Gloves and goggles?

Why are disposable gloves in a first aid kit?

Disposable gloves can protect against the transmission of disease and illness. Disposable gloves in a first aid kit can be worn in the event of coming into contact with an open wound. If someone has a blood transferable disease such as hepatitis or HIV/AIDS, disposable gloves can keep you protected from these diseases. Hands must still be washed after the gloves are removed to eliminate the risk of any transmissions.

Why is it wise to wear gloves when spreading fertilizer in your garden?

because fertilizers are toxic and if it reached your blood it may poison it and cause issues , and it may pass through your skin and then into your blood. so that's why it is important to wear gloves to avoid problems and damages to our body. i hope that my answer will be efficient.

What does WBC stand for?

World boxing championship Or in terms of human physiology WBC stands for White Blood Cell.

What is recreational sport or slob sport and Is this the same thing as Blood sport?

Boxing, shootig, UFC ad so on

Do veterinarians wear gloves?

If they are working with biological samples (blood, feces, urine, etc.) they should be as a protection for the veterinarian.

Why are some people's hands cold?

Poor blood circulation or you're not wearing any gloves when its cold outside.

How much is an autographed Kiss comic book with the band's blood in it worth?

I would pay ten dollars, but only after I've had it screened for aids.