Are most basketball stars obsequious

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Ball don't lie.

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Q: Are most basketball stars obsequious
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What is the part of speech for obsequious?

The word "obsequious" is an adjective. Here's an example of its usage: Every mother dreams of having an obsequious child.

How can you put obsequious in a sentence?

Obsequious means compliant; obedient; servile; oily. A sentence example: He was so obsequious when the boss was present, that his co-workers shunned him in disgrace.

What is a synonym for obsequious?

A synonym for obsequious could be: Well behaved. Hope myanswer helped you!:)

Why is an obsequious sycophant called a toady?

A Toady is an obsequious sycophant. An obsequious sycophant is a person who constantly flatters important people. Other people would call this person a toady. Obsequious: Complaisance of compliant, dutiful and obedient. Sycophant: A person who flatters higher or important people Toady: A mixture of Obsequious and Sycophant By: Emmy

Another sentence for obsequious?

I don't know!---------The character Uriah Heep is considered to be very obsequious.

What is the opposite of obsequious?


How do you use the word obsequious in a sentence?

sometimes i think that iam obsequious because i like being praised

What basketball teams has stars on their jerseys?

THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS have stars on their jerseys

What actors and actresses appeared in Basketball Stars - 1974?

The cast of Basketball Stars - 1974 includes: Francis Arnaiz Mon Fernandez

Is obsequious and resfecful are thesame?

If you mean respectful, it sort of is, at least in part. Obsequious means more like loyal towards or obedient, "Pete is such an obsequious employee, I don't think I could ever had done so well without him, he is loyal, respects the business and does his job without question." Obsequious can also be used in envy or contempt, "Look at that kiss-ass Joe... he's so obsequious he makes me sick. I'm sure he's after that promotion."

Who is Kayla mcbride?

a basketball player for the sanitonio stars

How can you use obsequious in a sentence?

Many found it surprising that Guevara never announced his intentions publicly, but only through an undated and uncharacteristically obsequious letter to Castro.