Are man city better than Liverpool?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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If Liverpool got beat off stoke then manu is better

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Q: Are man city better than Liverpool?
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Is Liverpool better than Man Utd?

No Man Utd have won more titles than Liverpool and Man Utd have more quality players.

Is Liverpool better then man city?

If you consider the past , Liverpool has been more successful than Manchester City Now Manchester City is blessed with really powerful and rich Sheikh and as a result really good players . last few years , Manchester City have been a better team

How is better man united or Liverpool?


Are Liverpool better than man utd?

no, not now but may be in the comming yearx.

Is Man U better than Liverpool?

Based on statistics and past seasons, Manchester United is a better team than Sunderland. Manchester United gets its success from its sensational players, such as Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo. Manchester United does showcase some of the best players in the world. It seems they have the ability to transform a very good player into a world class one.

Who is best man u or Liverpool?

now listen Manchester united are a good team but Liverpool are better than Manchester united

Why is Liverpool better than Man united?

There not Liverpool r better man utd suck!!

What is better man you glory or Liverpool never walk alone?


What does Bias in ICT?

It is a one sided opinion for example if you are from Liverpool your most likely to support Liverpool and say" Liverpool is better than man u" so its a bias opinion

Is Liverpool fc better than man united?

obviously man united is better because they are running champions for three consecutive years=although both teams have won the premiere league equal times but man united have European championship way more than Liverpool.=

Who is better manutd or liverpool?

man utd is way better

Why are man utd so much better than man city?

They're not man city are the best