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Yeah they don't offer a lot of protection for the ankle so there's a higher risk of breaking your ankles. Also hightops make you faster and jump higher

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Q: Are low tops bad for basketball?
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What is a basketball shoe?

Basketball shoes are specific shoes meant to play basketball in. Most have grips on the bottom, so they 'squeak' on the gym floor. High tops are to help support your ankles. Low tops are meant to increase your speed and flexibility on the court. Most ball handlers use low tops for speed and flexibility to make cuts and drive past defenders. Most forwards and 'bigs' use high tops to protect ankles.

Why wear hightops in basketball?

There is no reason to wear high tops in basketball.

Are high tops better then low tops?

Dosent really mater but I like high tops better

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Do high top cleats make you run faster than low tops?

high tops encourage with your ankle to be weak get low tops or mid tops youll run faster with those they let you r ankle move

What were the first basketball shoes?

converse chuck Taylor high tops

Kids tuxedo converse high tops or low tops?

high tops no question about it but still why are you putting your poor kid in a tuxedo?

What is more popular converse all tops or low cut?


Why were high tops invented?

to walk ,run,play sports like basketball

What came first coverse low tops or converse high tops?

The All-Star High-top came first. All-Star low-top came after.

What numbers can not be on basketball tops?

im pretty shure i havent seen 1911 :D

Why do basketball players have numbered tops?

so Micheal Jordan can steal there top numbers

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What is a basketball uniform'?

Basketball Uniform (jersey) is important to discern the teams, they are usually shorts and tops. Each player on the court must have a number on their uniform.

Are low cut shoes better than high tops?


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Chris Bosh is GREAT at basketball!!

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The information That I have been able to glean on it would suggest that it would be relatively low in purines, and there fore not a big producer of uric acid.

What are some models of basketball shoes produced by Reebok?

Reebok produce a lot of footwear and one type is basketball shoes. They provide them in male and female versions and make children's sizes too. There are Reebok Tempo, Sublites, pumps, high and low tops and Subtle Pro Rise.

What footwear should you wear to play basketball?

The best footwear would actually be basketball shoes. Basketball shoes have "high tops" so that they go over your ankles to prevent hem from rolling.

What is the difference between low-top Converse and high-top Converse?

It doesn't matter. They both are awesome! But suggestion, you should wear high-tops in the winter and low-tops in the summer. GO CONVERSE!!! (eat that vanz!) either way converse TOTALLY pwns vans!!! get bright low tops for summer than in winter juss get some high tops but not as bright but they still stand out

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