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Yes,because long boards has long boards and trucks easy for handling skate board has a little deck and small trucks so you need more balance than long boards but you can make tricks on skate board,long board no.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-04 11:28:15
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Q: Are longboards safer than skateboards
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What kind of wood are skateboards made of?

Usually, skateboards are made of maple. But longboards can be made out of bamboo or carbon fiber.

Are krown longboards good?

They can be fun, but regular skateboards are better for tricks and getting some air

Are longboards better than skateboards?

It is all a personal opinion. I skateboarded for 4 years and when I got a longboard I quit skateboarding. Personally, I like the style of longboarding more. It's a way different style and feel.

Which is better a longboard or skateboard?

That all depends on personal preference.Longboards, although able to do certain tricks, are mainly used for getting around or "cruising", and are not known for their ability to execute pop-related tricks. Longboards are better as means of transportation. Longboards are more custom, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types, depending on your style (Downhill, Slalom, Cruising, Carving, etc.). There are many types of Longboards, including pintails, drop through, and multiple variations of downhill boards.Skateboards are much smaller than longboards, and are usually used for doing tricks. Because of their kicktail-shape, skateboards allow for much easier "pop". Most skateboards aren't designed for rough terrain (gravel, etc.) and are only used for tricks. Some skateboards, however, can be customized into "cruisers" or "Shlongboards". These forms of skateboards are made by either cutting longboard trucks into the tail of a deck, or by simply putting softer, larger wheels and risers on a skateboard deck.There are other forms of longboards, called "Shortboards", which are about the length of a skateboard, but are much wider. These are commonly referred to as cruiser boards. Their length ranges from 24"-35" and they usually have medium-sized longboard wheels/trucks.The best advice is to go out and skate. See which board suits your style.

Is Canadian maple wood strong?

Yes. Canadian maple wood is heavy and strong. People use for wood floors and to make skateboards and longboards.

Are element skateboards better then blind skateboards?

element skateboards are better than blind skateboards.

How do you switch from longboarding to skateboarding?

longboarding and skateboarding are similar in the sense of riding, but longboards are used mostly for cruzing, and skateboards are mostly used for tricks, but riding is almost the same

How do you know your skateboard wheels size?

you could measure. most skateboarding wheels are between 50mm to 58mm although other skateboards, such as longboards, have bigger wheels that are shaped differently.

Are longboards faster than shortboards?

Longboards normally have better stability, but speed all depends on the weight of the board, and the bearings.

How wide are longboards?

There are quite a few types of longboards so you will get various answers. There are slalom longboards, mini longboards, downhill longboards, carving and pumping longboards, sliding longboards, and many others. Usually you would pick a width according to what you prefer and how big your foot is.

Are almost skateboards better than zero skateboards?


Are expensive skateboards better than inexpensive skateboards?

Yes because expensive skateboards are made with better materials that last even longer than the inexpensive ones.

Are bike safer?

For bikes to be "safer", they need to be compared to something. Skateboards, inlines, scooters etc Since you're not providing anything to compare them to, the question can't be answered.

Why is skateboards better than bikes?

Skateboards are better because you can go faster and it is portable

What products are available at Daddies Board Shop?

There are many different product available at Daddies Board Shop including, skateboards, snowboards and longboards. Daddies also has tshirts, tanks, shorts and other sports related clothing.

How are element skateboards better than enjoi skateboards?

Their not. Their about the same. Element and Enjoi are my top favs.

How many skateboards are sold in china?

More than 50,000 skateboards have been sold in China.

Are stiff skateboards better than bendy skateboards?

Not necessarily its more a personal preference. the longer you skateboard the better you get to know how thick, how wide, and what material you like your skateboards to be.

What is the difference between steel wheel skateboards and rubber wheel skateboards?

rubber wheels are much better. They are smoother, and newer than steel wheel skateboards. Steel wheel skateboards are old. They were around a long time ago.

Are Zero skateboards better than plan b skateboards when it comes to the durability lightness pop and concave?


Are skateboards from tgm skateboards good?

No tgm decks delaminate in less than a week and break very quickly...worse than department store decks

What types of products are sold by The Boardroom in Vancouver?

The types of products sold by the Boardroom in Vancouver include everything you need for snowboarding including all of the outerwear, skateboards and longboards, wakeboards, and surfboards with all of the gear. The Boardroom also includes a clothing line.

Can you take a skateboard with you on a airline?

Yes I travel with my skateboard strapped to my backpack on carry-on all of the time. you can also check skateboards, but carrying on is safer and cheaper.

Are Wal-Mart skateboards better or worse than pro skateboards?

Wal-Mart skateboards are way worse than pro boards because they are slower and they have trucks that rust really fast. The Wal-Mart decks are a mass-produced "economy" product.

Are skateboards easier than skates?

no way