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Yes,because long boards has long boards and trucks easy for handling skate board has a little deck and small trucks so you need more balance than long boards but you can make tricks on skate board,long board no.

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Q: Are longboards safer than skateboards
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Are krown longboards good?

They can be fun, but regular skateboards are better for tricks and getting some air

Is Canadian maple wood strong?

Yes. Canadian maple wood is heavy and strong. People use for wood floors and to make skateboards and longboards.

Are almost skateboards better than zero skateboards?


Do they skateboards in big 5 sporting goods?

They sell decent boards there if you're a beginner.

How are element skateboards better than enjoi skateboards?

Their not. Their about the same. Element and Enjoi are my top favs.

How many skateboards are sold in china?

More than 50,000 skateboards have been sold in China.

What products are available at Daddies Board Shop?

There are many different product available at Daddies Board Shop including, skateboards, snowboards and longboards. Daddies also has tshirts, tanks, shorts and other sports related clothing.

Are stiff skateboards better than bendy skateboards?

Not necessarily its more a personal preference. the longer you skateboard the better you get to know how thick, how wide, and what material you like your skateboards to be.

Are flip skateboards better than zero skateboards?

for price, yes*. for durability, no*. speed depends on what bearings you have *not by much

Are Zero skateboards better than plan b skateboards when it comes to the durability lightness pop and concave?


What is the difference between steel wheel skateboards and rubber wheel skateboards?

rubber wheels are much better. They are smoother, and newer than steel wheel skateboards. Steel wheel skateboards are old. They were around a long time ago.

What is the width of a normal longboard?

There are quite a few types of longboards so you will get various answers. There are slalom longboards, mini longboards, downhill longboards, carving and pumping longboards, sliding longboards, and many others. Usually you would pick a width according to what you prefer and how big your foot is.