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Liverpool is more successful than Everton

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Q: Are liverpool better than everton at football?
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Why are Liverpool better than everton?

because everton suck and are the worst team ever they have never won anything and never ever ever will, unlike Liverpool who are the most succesfull football team ever in british football history official fact and im saying this as an everton supporter so i don't know what a Liverpool supporter would say

Is Liverpool a better team than everton?

yes they are because Liverpool have won 60 domestic cups Everton have only won 19

Are everton beter than Liverpool?


Is everton better than Liverpool?

Yes well! Liverpool suck noodles! Ha so do its fans! exept josh and chris and my uncle lee!!!!! coz they are swnd apart from they support sucker Liverpool :@ hahhaha Torres the TRANSVESTITE!

Are there more everton fans than liverpool?


Which eight football clubs have never played lower than second tier of English football?

West ham leeds man u newcastle arsenal everton tottenham liverpool

Is Liverpool fc older than everton fc?

No Everton were formed in 1878 and Liverpool were formed in 1892. Liverpool were formed because of a Fallout between the Everton Board. The owners argued over the rent for Anfield, so Everton moved to Goodison park a mile away. Left with an empty field, Liverpool was formed to fill the vacant stadium.

Are Villa better than Everton?

everton are better everton have actually one more stuff than Chelsea in there history and everton allways finish above villa!

Team longest in football league?

Everton Football Club is an English football club located in the city of Liverpool. The club competes in the Premier League and has contested more seasons in the top flight of English football than any other.WRONG. The answer is Arsenal.

Are sunderland better than Liverpool?

liverpool are better

Is Liverpool better than spurs?

Liverpool is way better

Who has played for Manchester city and Manchester united and everton and Liverpool?

Look no further than Peter Beardsley