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Q: Are left handed basketball players better natural shooters than right handed players?
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Do better basketball shooters have better depth perception?

They will have a better depth perception than before.

Are soccer players better athletes than basketball players?

it is an oponion

How did the famous basketball players learn how to play basketball?

theres nothing better than experience in basketball.

What is team work basketball youth?

Learning the basic fundamentals for all players to work as a team to become better basketball players.

Is magic Johnson better than Micheal Jordan in basketball?

jordan is better than any body in the nba.He is one of the greatest basketball players in the nba

Is south laurel middle better than north laurel?

yes! they are better basketball players, better football player, ect!

How does momentum affect basketball?

Players can become excited and play better if they are winning or just have momentum. If it's a home crowd, then they make more noise. Result? Better basketball!

How much do players in the American Basketball Association get paid?

It depends if your good or your bad the better you are the more you get

What do basketball players put on their hands before game?

they put on power to get better control of the ball

What has the author Elliott Kalb written?

Elliott Kalb has written: 'Who's Better, Who's Best in Basketball?' -- subject(s): Basketball players, Records, History, Basketball, Rating of

Who is the worst basketball player in the world?

Keep in mind there are no "worst" basketball players in the world, but rather players who aren't as good as others. For instance, Eric Snow is not bad, but LeBron James and others are better.

Who is better in NBA basketball Harrington or lee?

Lee is little bit better for result and plays but, Harrington is really good players either.

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