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lebron has 2 kids with his girlfriend Savannah brinson

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James LeBron does not have a love child. He does not have any children.

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He has 2 boys Bryce and Lebron junior with his girlfriend savvanah brinson

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Q: Are lebron James kids by the same person?
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When is Lebron James's birthday?

December 30, 1984 His birthday is December 30, the same day as Tiger Woods.

Is LeBron James going to the Bulls?

it is a rumor, same thing about Phil Jackson coach of lakers

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Lebron James

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No. LaMichael James, running back for the Oregon Ducks, is not related to Lebron James. LeBron tweeted about LaMichael in September calling him his "lil cousin" but then later added, "he's really not my cousin(that I know of wink.)"

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When Lebron James birthday?

December 30, 1984 His birthday is December 30, the same day as Tiger Woods.

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LeBron is just so talented in everthing that he does . Shooting, Passing,blocking,stealing .you name it LeBron can do it. LeBron really changed things with his choice to leave Cleveland and go to Miami. Everyone anyone in the sports industry is thinking about leaving there team . Lebrons name is sure to come up