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Q: Are kicks or beating to the head dangerous?
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Does beating your abs help?

Beating your abs does not help develop them. It is also quite dangerous and can cause injury to your body.

Is holding a rabbit by their ears dangerous?

YES! When you grab them they will start kicking you and those kicks hurt.

Does beating your head with a chicken make you crazy?

of course not

What is a synonym for kicks in?

If you mean "kicks in" as in "...the paratrooper kicks in the door...", then a form of breach would work for you, i.e., "...the paratrooper breaches the door...". If you mean as a form of physical destruction, such as "...kicks in the criminal's head...", then destroys, obliterates, and synonyms of those words would work.

On Seinfeld who karate kicks Kramer in the head?

Joe Devola karate kicks Kramer in the head. Good thing Kremer was wearing Newman's motorcycle helmet at the time...but the kick left a dent in the helmet.

What do you do after beating Whitney in HeartGold?

Head on over to another town.

Why is head lice dangerous?

Lice are not dangerous! They just make your head itch and may leave a rash...

Why would you feel pulse beating in your head?

you are out of breath or after running usually

What is Miley Cyrus' fave song?

"Beating Hearts Baby" by Head Automatica,

It feels like your heart is beating in your head?

1. you have a headache's normal

Where can one find a Head Automatica Beating Heart Baby?

"Beating Heart Baby" was released on the album "Decadence" by the rock band Head Automatica in 2005. It was also released as a single. The song can be purchased on its own from iTunes, or on CD as an album.

Is the head circles stretch dangerous?

yes it is .