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Yes they are, I called K2 directly and they told me they are specially made for S.A. and they have know more info to give out about them. They said to talk to S.A. about them. After haunting him a bit he finally admitted they are a bit on the lower end but are still good all around skis. Ever notice any of the K2 or Solomon skis they sell are never on the K2 or Solomon websites.

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Q: Are k2 skis made special for sports authority?
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Who makes Dynamic Skis?

Atomic, a Amer Sports brand, as Dynamic skis

What are powder skis?

Powder skis are a special type of ski made for deep snow. They are typically much wider than a normal ski and also oftenly have "twin-tips".

Where can one purchase used skis in New York?

One can purchase used skis in New York from many retailers. They are available to buy from Paragon Sports, Eastern Mountain Sports and Play It Again Sports.

Are K2 sideshow skis made in China?

Yes. K2 Sideshow skis are made from China

Where are atomic skis made?

Most Atomic skis are made in Austria, but they also have a factory in Bulgaria.

What is special about the powder skis?

Powder skis are skis that are developed specially for skiing in powder. This type of ski is particularly suited for experienced skiers who are likely to go off-piste.

Where can one purchase head skis?

You can purchase head skis at some sports shops, and definitely at winter sports specific shops, but you can also buy them from Head's website itself, which has a very wide selection to choose from.

Can you use duct tape instead of special ski tape on bindings when waxing you skis?

no it is really bad for your skis you will probably get hurt

What were skis first made of?


Where online can one purchase women's skis?

Women's skis are available for purchase on business websites devoted to outdoor sports, such as REI and Backcountry. Amazon, Ebay and other large online distributors also sell women's skis.

Can you use a candle to wax your skis?

i just waxed my skis with a candle that i melted with an iron onto the skis scraped and smoothened the surface..tested the skis on slopes.seems like my skis made a squeeking sound on the snow..but all in all it worked well

What are old fashioned skis made of?