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yes they are

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Q: Are jockeys with epilepsy allowed to race?
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What athletes ride race horses?


Why do camel jockeys race camels not horses?

Because then they wouldn't be CAMEL jockeys, they would be HORSE jockeys. And there is a huge difference between the two.

Should jockeys be allowed to use whips?


How are the Horse Jockeys selected?

The jockeys are picked by the trainer or the owner of the horse and its partly the race judges approval to!

Do jockeys physically whip their horses in the race?

yes they do

What sport are you not allowed to have a beard by law?


What do a jockey use?

Jockeys are not allowed to use drugs.

Who rides horses in a race?

Jockeys. And who ever else that wants to.

Which race is more likely to get epilepsy?

Every race is as vulnerable as the other.

Why do jockeys stand up after a race?

some to slow down others if they win to celebrate

Are women allowed in the Iditarod race?

are women allowed to race in the iditarod race

Who runs the weighing room?

The Clerk of Scales is the official (under the Racing Secretary's Office) who "runs" the Jockeys Room, weighing the jockeys out before a race and reporting any discrepancies in their weight to the stewards. His job is to make certain the jockeys are at or under the legal weight for that race's (and their mount's) allowance. The Clerk of Scales also notes and reports any changes of jockeys or of silks, and provides the Paymaster of Purses with a list of riding fees due each jockey that day. This is also the official who can be seen in the Winner's Circle after the race, recording the weight of every rider (and his gear) after he or she dismounts, to make certain no "weight was dropped" after the jockey's pre-race weigh-in.

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