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Yes Indoor and Outdoor sports are related;

1) Indoor and outdoor sports are both physical activities that meet the expectations of sports organizations all over the world.

If you care to be more specific I could answer the real question you have, perhaps Basketball vs. Football (American)

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Q: Are indoor and outdoor sports related?
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Is gymnastics an indoor or outdoor sport?

It is an indoor sport.

What is the purpose of outdoor recreation activities?

The purpose of having an outdoor sports is that you can have an indoor sports but you can also play sports outdoor.

What is the difference betindoor and outdoor sports?

indoor sports are played outdoors and outdoor sports are played indoors

Is wrestling an indoor or outdoor game?

indoor game

What is indoor and outdoor sports?

Indoor sports are as the name suggests, mostly conducted indoors. Such sports are f.ex indoor volleyball, basketball and bowling. Outdoor sports would be conducted outdoors, such as soccer, bicycling and cross country running. Although several sports can and is conducted both indoors and outdoors, according to f.ex season.

What always outdoor sports are their?

There is hundreds of outdoor sports; Netball, basketball (there is both indoor and outdoor Football. Soccor. European handball. Swimming. (both indoor and outdoor) Cricket. Baseball. Softball. Teeball. Athletics (running, longjump, high jump, discus, shotput.) Any Many Many more. Are you asking what outdoor sports are there? Your grammar is really bad.

What do you mean by the badminton attire?

Comfortable sports gear with either indoor, or outdoor, footwear.

What are the names of the winter sports?

outdoor sportshockey ringetteskiingsnowboardingsnow mobilingindoor sportsdance indoor volleyball

Where is soccer played outdoor or indoor?

soccer can be played in both: outdoor and indoor

What is the Difference between indoor and outdoor games?

indoor games are played indoor outdoor games are played outdoors Indoor games are basically played inside home whereas outdoor games are played outside the premises of house and requires you to do to a little physical exercise. These days several outdoor games such as kayaking, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, Camping, Aero Sports etc.

How many types of sports are in the world?

>there are several types of sports namely, outdoor sport, indoor, underwater, and air sports. there are over 500 different sports in the world

Is volleyball played indoor or outdoor?


What is the opposite of indoor?

The opposite of "indoor" is "outdoor".

Do otters live indoor or outdoor?


Is Hershey park indoor or outdoor?


Is table tennis indoor or outdoor game?

indoor game

Indoor and outdoor games?

basketball is an indoor game.

What kind of sports and recreation do they do in the southeast region?

we play outdoor sports and indoor sports we also do fun recreational stuff sometimes in p.e. or during VBS at church

Is an mimosa an indoor or outdoor plant?

it is an outdoor plant

Is lawn tennis an outdoor or an indoor game?


Is swiming an outdoor game or indoor gameg?


What is a name for indoor sports?

Indoor sports are just indoor sports. But if you want to get specific then you might say indoor soccer, indoor tennis, indoor football, etc.

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor refrigerators?

nothing besides outdoor ones will look older and more dirty as indoor will look new. and outdoor is outside and indoor is inside.

What are examples of outdoor and indoor sports?

Indoor games are indoor tennis, soccer, table tennis, volleyball, bowling, basketball, golfing, board games and card games and so on. Outdoor games are basketball, soccer, tennis, cycling, golfing, skating, skipping, skiing and so on.

Can you play an outdoor basketball indoor?

no, it would be indoor basket you cant play outdoor anything indoors