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Slaps to the head are not allowed in high school football.

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Q: Are head slaps allowed in high school football?
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Why shouldn't football be banned because of head injures?

Tackling wit hte helmet is not allowed.

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Who is the head football coach Sullivan central high school?

Coach Fox

Who is youngest high school head football coach?

Shane Smith, Turlock Christian School, Turlock CA

Where does Frank Sorrells coach football?

Frank Sorrells is the Head Football Coach at Bay High School in Panama City, Florida.

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Tim schmitt

What has the author Robert James Forgrave written?

Robert James Forgrave has written: 'A comparison of the attitudes of high school principals and head high school football coaches toward interscholastic football in Ohio' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Football coaches, High school principals, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of School sports, School sports

How do you get in high school football?

First you have to be attending at the school you want to play for. Then you ask the head coach or you counselor when is the next football conditions which is usually at July. And once you can survive two weeks of conditioning your part of the team.

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Can the snapper in high school football assume position over the ball with his head in the neutral zone?


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How much does high school football coaches make a year in Florida?

It can vary depending on what district you are in, but as a head football coach in Jacksonville I earn 5k simply as the coach.

Who coached football at Clovis West High School in 1984?

Max Newberry or Newbury (spelling) head coach

Are visors legal in high school football?

no unless you have a certain disability, say you get head ache when you are under the lights, then you can where them.

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How much does a high school football head coach make?

$20 per hour depends on how good

What is UCLA football's head to head record vs USC football?

pee and poo

Who is clemson's head coach for football?

Clemson's head football coach is Dabo Swinney.

Can the coach call timeout in high school football?

Only the head coach or a player on the field may call a timeout legally.

At which school was legendary Hawkeye football coach Hayden Fry the head coach just before coming to Iowa?

North Texas