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This is indeed a very interesting question. Come to think that will goose feather reproduce if only part of it is trimmed/ removed? I guess they will not. Also, also since they are so many goose being slaughtered daily and why not salvage the feather for shuttlecocks?

Geese and ducks molt their feathers every year, naturally, all by themselves, so you could follow your pet geese or ducks around and collect the left wing feathers as they dropped out and use them to make your own shuttlecocks if you wanted to make some that involved not killing the birds.

The feathers ARE harvested from slaughtered ducks and geese and used for many uses, shuttlecocks included, the geese are not killed to get the feathers, the feathers are removed to get to the meat. The shuttlecock manufacturers do get the left wing feathers from the meat processing factories.

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Q: Are goose killed to make goose feather shuttlecocks for badminton?
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Which bird feathers are is used to make badminton shuttlecocks?


What are the best shuttlecocks made from?

shuttlecocks are usually made from feather from goose (geese) but RSL Classic Tourney feather shuttlecocks are very good and yonex make good shuttlecocks too.

In which sport do you use a shuttlecock?

A shuttlecock is traditionally made with goose feathers stuck into a cork base, but rubber and plastic shuttlecocks are more common now, as they are less easier to become damaged or ripped. The sport that shuttlecocks are used in is badminton.

What is the material of wire frame shuttle in badminton?

The frame of the high quality shuttlecock is actually 16 goose feathers secured in the cork and tide with thread. More commercial shuttlecocks use nylon mesh in place of the goose feathers.

When was Goose Feather created?

Goose Feather was created in 2004.

With which of the birds feather is usually shuttle cork made used in badmintion With which bird's feathers is the shuttlecock used in badminton usually made?

goose feathers...

What game is played with a birdie and a light racket?

its kill the birdy with a racket silly goose!

How many feathers are there in a badminton shuttle?

there are 16 goose feathers in all in a badminton shuttle

How many feathers in a badminton shuttle?

You are referring to a feather shuttlecock. It contains 16 goose feathers all in all. Since you are just asking for the number of feathers, then I guess my answer is already complete.

What is the singular possessive form of goose?

The singular possessive form for the noun goose is goose's.Example: Jack stuck the goose's feather in his hat.

What is the possessive singular of goose?

The singular possessive form for the noun goose is goose's.Example: Jack stuck the goose's feather in his hat.

Why shuttlecock use only left wing of the goose?

Because if they used the right wing they wouldn't be able to make black shuttlecocks.

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