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Are Golf cart street legal in st.louis

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Q: Are golf carts legal on the road in bay St. Louis ms?
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Can I make my golf carts into street legal golf carts?

Whether that's legal depends on your state. In Arizona, for instance, modifying golf carts to be street legal is allowed. Here's an article on that:

In which states is it legal to drive a golf cart on the road?

golf carts are legal in most states but not the hill billy state of gorgia I believe the state is spelled "Georgia"

Can you drive golf carts on the road in new York?


Is it legal to ride golf carts on the road in Hilton head SC?

Probably but I don't think anyone will mind if it is just around the plantation.

Is it legal to drive golf carts on residential roads in Florida?

Some residential communities routinely allow golf carts as the main method of transport without the confines of the communities. Golf carts can share the road with trucks, cars, buses, etc. and so it is vital to understand the laws with regard to the use of golf carts. These sites have information regarding the law: (scroll down to the middle of the page) AND

Which citites make it legal to drive golf carts on the street?

Consideration for what vehicles are allowed on the road falls to the State Department of Highways in each state. States with resort communities. a lot of retirement communities and a lot of beachfront communities are more likely to approve golf carts as an accept mode of transportation. Each state that allows golf carts on the road has a specific set of laws about it. Cities where it is legal to drive golf carts on the street are generally golf or senior communities. Sun City Center, Florida is one place that allows driving of golf carts on the road also Peachtree City, Georgia, Linton, Indiana and Orting, Washington. They often are restricted to certain streets or lanes and require som kind of registration or license. In Illinois they recently enacted a law leaving it up to local governments and currently they are allowed (with license/registration) in Loama and Nokomis.

Do you need a license to drive a golf cart in Alberta?

You don't need a license, however, golf carts are considered miniature vehicles by Alberta transport (same as go carts and pocket bikes) They are not permitted to be driven on highways or public roads or side walks. They cannot be registered / licensed for road use.

How were goods carried on the silk road?

by carts

Legal to off road electric golf cart in ca?

It must really suck to live in California.

Are golf carts or club cars permitted on Viginia sidewalks?

I live in Richmond Va. and my drivers lisence is suspended. I have a club car as my only transportation. Can I drive it on the road or sidewalks.

Do I need driver License for golf carts in the Wawasee In area?

Golf carts are usually driven on a golf course. As the golf course is classed as private land, if you are given permission to drive a golf cart by the owner or golf committee, then you don't need a special license. Obviously, if you insist on driving the golf cart on public road to go home, you do need a driving licence (which may be covered by your car driving licence, but not always). But insurance and third party cover maybe lacking. So, basically, drive a golf cart (with permission) and don't drive it off private land. The main thing is ask first - drive second!

Do I need a driver's license to drive golf carts?

No, as long as you are not driving on a state maintained road, you will not need a driver's license to drive a golf cart. However, if you are planning to go outside a golf course or neighborhood with one, you may need to check with local law enforcement for more regulations regarding this.

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