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Q: Are golf cart wheel nuts left or right hand thread?
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Where is the steering wheel in a British golf cart?

It's on the right hand side, just like our cars.

What year is harley Davidson 4 wheel gas golf cart 5K22038C7?


What year amf harley Davidson 3 wheel golf cart Serial?

its a 1972

What year AMF 3-wheel electric golf cart serial 4B12368HO?


Where are the fuses in a ezgo golf cart?

is there any fuses and where are they located on an ezgo electric golf cart. 90s model

What sizes do golf cart tires come in?

It depends on the size of the wheels. For example, if the golf cart wheel is in an 8" size, the tire will end in an 8" size (20x10-8 & 22x11-8).

What year Harley Davidson 3 wheel gas golf cart serial 3b11508j2?


Are there any golf carts made in a 4 wheel drive?

There are 4 wheel drive golf carts available. The four wheel drive carts tend to be made more by people "souping" them up rather than by golf cart companies.

Is it right to charge the golf cart all the night?

Golf cart chargers are automatic and will shut off when the batteries are fully charged. Just connect the charger and forget it.

What is a golf cart input shaft?

Golf Cart Input Shafts are like parts of the golf cart that's need to be overhauled.

What is golf cart in french?

golf cart = Voiturette Trolley = chariot

What is special about a golf cart?

you can drive a golf cart on the golf course so you don't need to walk :)