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No, glow in the dark retainers are not bad for you. they are just another color like red or purple just more fun!

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Q: Are glow in the dark retainers bad for you?
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Are glow in the dark silly bandz bad?

No, Glow in the Dark Silly Bandz are neat because the glow in the dark!

Is there glow in the dark converses?

I'm not sure if they make glow in the dark, but they make neon and if that is not good enough, you can buy glow in the dark fabric paint and turn them glow in the dark by yourself. they will be your custom designed glow in the dark converse if you do it by yourself

Contact lenses glow in the dark?

There are contact lenses that can glow, but as far as I know you need a UV light or blacklight to make them glow in the dark. The best site for these is I wouldn't suggest the glow in the dark cat eyes though, a lot of bad reviews for those ones. Oh, and EDIT contacts are the most comfortable.

Does the pure ice rescue you nail polish glow in the dark?

Yes, it actually does glow in the dark. It says that the rescue me is the glow in the dark.

How does glow in the dark glow?

they have a chemical in them

Does the glow in the dark z flex actually glow in the dark?


Does the iPad mini glow in the dark?

The iPad mini does not glow in the dark.

Why do things glow in the dark?

they absorb light from before and then when it is dark they glow the absorbed light

What is a glow in the dark party?

it is a party where it is glow in the dark so you should wear some thing white if you don't have anything glow in the dark.

Why does a glow in the dark sticker glows?

It absorbs light so it can glow in the dark.

When was The Dark Glow of the Mountains created?

The Dark Glow of the Mountains was created in 1984.

Is there a glow in the dark g shock watch?

Yes there is a glow in the dark edition