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Q: Are girls allowed to play high school football?
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Are head slaps allowed in high school football?

Slaps to the head are not allowed in high school football.

How many girls play high school football?

No specific records are kept concerning the number of high school girls who play football. It is known, however, that many of the girls are contributors to the team.

Can you wear Mirrored visors in middle school football?

No. Mirrored visors are not allowed in middle school nor high school football.

Are fans allowed to use cow bells at high school football games in Iowa?

Fans are allowed to use cow bells at high school football games in Iowa. This is only not the case if the school specifically says no.

Are black visors legal in high school football?

yes they are legal and a very lightly tented one can be legal as well.

Are dark tinted visors allowed in Texas high school football?

They are not allowed in texas. But you can wear a clear visor.

Are punts in high school football allowed to be caught picked up or run back?


Do girls support their high school more than boys?

depends on the school school event and how many girls and boys there are so if you are talking football games boys probally if its cheerleading more girls

Should girls play high school football?

yes absolutly, if they have the desire, heart and soul. go for it. :)

When was Walton Girls High School created?

Wallington High School for Girls was created in 1888.

Where did Mother Teresa go to school in high school?

Mother Teresa was home schooled by her parents. Girls were not allowed to attend school in Albania at the time.

Are gray oakley visors allowed in high school footballl leagues?

I live in Texas, and high school football prohibits all visors with color/tint (grey/smoke)